26/05 Updates

All orders currently processing will now be in the stage of being packaged & shipped by the team.

If your order has been marked as cancelled or still on hold and you believe this to be in error. Please feel free to reach out, providing that you have sent payment for your order.

Our customer support team,both live chat & telegram is happy to help with any enquiries you may have (Monday – Friday 9:30AM – 5:30PM)

Please note that 29th of May will be a bank holiday , operations will resume the following working day including customer services though payments will be approved throughout the bank holiday weekend.


The original winner is currently on holiday and cannot confirm their winning ticket,the team has decided to announce the new winner which is number 125.

Raffle ticket holders from 217 onwards,please keep your raffle safe as you will be part of the next 420 raffle.

The winning raffle ticket will win a 420 Mystery Box that will contain a variety of exclusive imported Cali packs, UK flower and edibles to the value of £420.

The raffle will be called out at random, and the winning ticket will be announced both on Reddit and Telegram.

Your raffle tickets will be sent out with your order.

420 Raffle Box Content:

2x Top Shelf Cali-Packs 4x UK Flower 3x Edible Tubs 2x Packs of Edible Popcorn


  1. The winner will be called by a random number generator once all tickets have sold.
  2. The winner will have to post on Reddit the winning ticket number so that everyone can see, we will reach out to the winner to send out there winnings.
  3. Once the winner receives their 420 Raffle box, the winner will have to post it on Reddit so we can share it on Telegram and our website.