Alien Dawg

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Alien Dawg, also known as “Alien Dog,” is a hybrid marijuana strain, created by the crossing between Chemdawg and Alien Technology.

This strong strain is not recommended for beginners. It will produce a fantastic high that can leave you incredibly relaxed, but not sleepy. However, if you smoke Alien Dawg an hour before going to bed, it can help you stay asleep due to its anti-anxiety and meditative effect.

This particular strain has hints of berry combined with a sour and pungent earthy odor that is noticeable when rubbed between the fingers. Some users describe the smell as being similar to sour candy. The sweet piney undertone is from the Alien Tech, and the sour smell comes from the Chemdawg heritage.

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The main positive effect users experience when smoking this strain is the instant uplift and feeling of euphoria. This helps the user to feel more happy and creative as well as more sociable and talkative. The negative side effect of this strain is dry mouth.

Due to its relaxing properties, the main medicinal use of Alien Dawg is for anxiety, but it also helps with nerve pain, spasms, PMS and migraines.



35 reviews for Alien Dawg

  1. ceeek6175

    I ordered super lemon haze I know this is not the same strain I have been buying online for nearly 2 years and came across this site last week,and I will be buying here from now own, ordered Monday got it Thursday,so obviously people pay next day delivery,but don’t fret if it’s not there they always txt or email and you even get an email from Roy mail to say your parcel will be there that day ,you just need to be quick when getting in your orders 5/5 for kev

  2. AlCapone Verified owner

    Really like this one. Not the strongest. But still strong enough. Lovely fuely/chem smell and taste does it for me.

  3. Zeanah Verified owner

    Really enjoyed this strain ? smells lovely, burns lovely and smokes great. Very relaxing.

  4. Brad Turton Verified owner

    Perfect buds. Not as dark as the picture but that means little to nothing as it is amazing. Nice earthy taste and constant throughout the joint. I consider myself a veteran smoker and this is pure power

  5. Alex Verified owner

    Very nice high, I agree with a lot of other reviewers saying this is good value, packs a punch

  6. John McGerr Verified owner

    Woof! Woof!

  7. ChazzaH Verified owner

    Honestly this is probably the best value weed on dispenseree for the effect it has, as above said it packs a punch for any smoker

  8. martin woodhouse Verified owner

    well it was quick spot on and great quality
    thank you all.
    will be back for sure

  9. Elektra Verified owner

    Fantastic company and weed alike, Ofc I had my doubts and scepticism that it was legit. But I did my research, thought id go for it. Oh boy, I’m so glad I did give it a go! The service was excellent! My delivery was prompt, I could also track my parcel online with no issues whatsoever.

    The weed was a 10/10 perfect and wiped me out for the entire weekend, it was strong AF and seriously tasty! Probs also worth taking into account that I hadn’t had weed in over a year LOL, I’m soooo glad I went with my gut and selected Dispenseree for my first EVER online purchase of weed!!! Made this girl extremely happy! 🙂

    I will forever continue to order from ONLY you guys from now on, as I trust and rate the service/product massively! Super impressed with you guys FR and what you are doing keep up the good work 🙂 <3 Excited to select my next strain and place another order ina few days!! <3 TY!! 😀

  10. Luke Shiner Verified owner

    Very nice bud, bong hits are lethal?

  11. Gen pilled Verified owner

    when I initially opened the bag I was very disappointed, it smelt like pure cheddar, however when I ground it up it was exactly like buttered popcorn. the smoke was a little on the harsh side but a very nice mellow high 7/10

  12. Robert

    I got this strain by mistake dispenroo are real good company they sort out and I wasent disappointed with this one it was lovly tasty ten ten look forward ording more soon thank rob

  13. Russell Fogarty Verified owner

    Beautiful strain. Blows your head clean off! This is gonna go in the regular rotation. I can’t wait to order more!

  14. Oscar Ozturk Verified owner

    Its very good stuff tasty and strong ?

  15. Aldo Verified owner

    Got mine next day! Lovely smoke!!

  16. keithy Verified owner

    Lovely smooth creamy gassy spicey taste nice and strong 10 out of 10 all round orderd 12 o’clock Thursday got it 930 Saturday morning can’t be more happier orderd loads in the past always took a week or longer but took less than 2 days this time quality just orderd more nice one guys

  17. Justin Grammer Verified owner

    This is the future of weed. No more dodgy backstreet deals, no more contributing to the chain of pain that can exist in so many production/delivery chains.
    Ordered Wednesday evening, arrived Friday morning triple wrapped with no odour seepage through the packaging.
    Quality product, quality service, what more can you ask?

  18. JT

    Great product

  19. Dominic Evans Verified owner

    Thank you. Arrived within 2 days of ordering, it was very nicely packaged and the description is certainly correct…not for beginners. I genuinely believe you’re doing the lord’s work here and this is the future and the way forward. I mean it’s 2023. I don’t know a lot of people so it’s very convenient to be able to order like this. Feels safe. I have restless leg syndrome that keeps me awake for hours at night, but I’ve had the best sleep for a while so again thank you! I’m trying a lot of different ones so may leave reviews on others.

  20. N7ck Verified owner

    My first purchase to see if this site was legit and wasn’t disappointed. Quick delivery, excellent packaging.
    I’d had insomnia for around 2 weeks and after smoking this I had a full 8 hours sleep!
    Interesting flavour, tastes like hash xD

    Thank you so much Dispenseree, for providing this much needed service ❤️

  21. James Randall Verified owner

    Arrived in 3 days even though it said out of stock. Great packaging, discreet. Had the last 2 nights, great stuff, numbs the mind a little!

  22. Danny Bartholomew Verified owner

    Like getting a left hook of tyson in his prime beware ??

  23. David Carpenter Verified owner

    Arrived within 2 days. Expertly packaged and great quality! I can’t explain how much this site means to me. Amazing.

  24. Tok3r Verified owner

    Thank you for being real Dispenseroo. Ordered two orders Thursday, smoking both orders by Saturday. Knockout product lovely. You have just gained a customer for life. Can’t wait for you to restock on hash.

  25. s king Verified owner

    Started using Dispenseree mid last year. Product has always been spot on both in quality and weight and their very discreet. Alien Dawg is no different im very stoned. Delivery has been an issue in the past but i ordered mine Wed 11 AM and it dropped onto my matt Today 9.47 AM Less than the 24 hour tracked delivery i paid for! This is the dream….to be able to buy quality product and have it delivered the next day.

  26. Scott Tripp Verified owner

    My first time trying this Alien Dawg and I absolutely love it. I have just vaped 0.18 grams and boy am I relaxed and content. Another strain on my ‘Great’ list

  27. KidComa Verified owner

    Excellent service. Made my first order Thursday night and it arrived Saturday morning. Alien Dawg is some smelly, sticky bud. Great smoke.

  28. Alex Mills Verified owner

    First order… blown away, speedy service, great product, great high! Will be ordering regularly.

    Alien Dawg hits you pretty quickly, uplifting and euphoric. Good head high, followed by body, ending with relaxing sleepy effects.

  29. Jw

    This is my second order now and really pleased, decent weight and no stalks! Delivery was really fast this time round, these guys are legit and my new go too!

  30. T Collier Verified owner

    Order arrived very quickly and was professionally packaged and safe. The flower was really nice. Tight buds and a really good smoke. Dont hesitate to order the future is here

  31. Stephen Waddington Verified owner

    Another great smoke. Love it. Cheers dispenseree

  32. thejamiew

    Was starting to think my order wouldn’t arrive, but sure enough these guys are legit so very pleased will be ordering again

  33. Zr1908

    Took 2 weeks to arrive, which was a little worrying but it’s the real deal Holyfield. These guys are legit, just need to be patient.

  34. Edmond

    Long wait but its a 10 10

  35. Regular Customer Verified owner

    100% looking forward to theese stinky nugz, Ignore theese previous reviews please guys, they clearly smoked there brain cells away to realise that this is a really busy time theese guys take 100% care of their orders for your discretion and their safety , my order has been shipped tonight which ive waited patiently 2 weeks for , i think theese guys forget this isnt exactly a walk in the park for the dispenseree team , anyway , for all the rest of you who kno how goood theese boys are ! Enjoy your smokes! 🙂

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