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Biscotti, is a potent indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Gelato 25 with Sour Florida OG. This strain produces a cerebral high that leave consumers feeling relaxed, creative, and buzzy from head-to-toe.

As Davide would say inn Italian, “biscotti” is a combination of the words meaning “twice” and “cooked.” When the pastry has hardened halfway, you cut them in half and bake them again, perfect for sweet coffees, teas, and mid-morning snacks. You can twice cook your brain with the Biscotti strain and its mid-20s THC levels and super delicious dessert flavours.

The high begins as a conglomerate of its sweet and gassy scents, a rush of cerebral energy and “liftedness.” Your mind will feel literally high, unfocused, and full of blissful calm. Your body will become warm, tingly, and washed over like a shore on a milk and cookies sea. You’ll feel sociable, relaxed, and giggly on Biscotti while enjoying the crazy sugars of the cookie-flavoured strain, which smells of earth, fruit, herbs, and cookie. It’s rich, potent, and spicy on the exhale.

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Taking advantage of a delicious terpene profile (the strain favours Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene) to generate its insane flavours. This also makes it great for cannabis connoisseurs that want to make their own extracts, which favour a rich terpene profile.

Biscotti relaxes both your mind and body, allowing you to dispel fogginess, lethargy, depression, and mood swings. If you find yourself often confused or fatigued by your busy week, a Biscotti can help you recover your energy. You can use it to prepare for a social situation, jolt yourself back to a state of mood-enhancing relaxation, or just get through a hard day. And if you love Snickerdoodles, you’ll love how this one tastes.

Dispenseree has a lot of great strains. This one has olivey nugs, dark green with long orange hairs, and a layer of trichome frost. Few strains anywhere have this nutty, sweet cocktail of flavours though. If you’re looking for some kick-back food and want to inhale it rather than eat it, try the Biscotti strain for as much delicious cerebral bliss as you can handle.



5 reviews for Biscotti

  1. Dai Verified owner

    Lovely strain and quite potent definitely a indica 10/10 service came in 24 hrs will be getting some more thanks guys !!

  2. Karl Williams Verified owner

    Lovely smoke

  3. Cameron Halliday Verified owner

    Lovely calming nice tasting indica class service and fast

  4. Weed fixes everything

    Arrived fast, amazing smoke, an active, creative, focused weed on its own, got shit loads done. Mixed with a little Star Dog later on helped with a good night’s sleep.

  5. Sophie Verified owner

    Amazing bit of smoke, nice compact buds but fluffy when you grind up absolutely explodes in the grinder! Tastes so smooth and a really nice high. Definitely one of my favourites from the site so far. Keep doing what you’re doing guys 10/10 always!

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