Blue Cheese

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Blue Cheese requires a high threshold for dank, earthy flavours – it’s named after the most pungent cheese, after all, though it doesn’t taste as much like its namesake as you might expect. Instead, it has more of a dank, berry flavour. Using it, this 80/20 indica-heavy hybrid can encourage incredible relaxation.

Blue Cheese is incredibly dank, a mix of savory cheese and sweet fruit, like blueberries and strawberries mixed with herbs and earth. The result is stinky and emotional – even people who don’t like to eat blue cheese can enjoy its namesake strain. The aromatics are powerful.

The strain’s high begins as a slow, creeping feeling of relaxation, which begins to deepen into euphoria all over your body. Though many users report dry eyes and mouth on Blue Cheese, for anxiety sufferers, this creamy, spicy, cheesy, sweetie, fruity mess of a strain can provide a lot of benefits.

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For people who suffer from anxiety, pain, migraines, and depression, Blue Cheese is a great addition to your mental diet. If you are easily stressed, keep Blue Cheese on hand to relax you. In heavier doses, this strain can help you wind down from a busy day and lull you to bed.



8 reviews for Blue Cheese

  1. Weedyman Verified owner

    Best cheese I’ve had in a long time we’ll happy

  2. Weedyman Verified owner

    Best cheese I’ve had in a long time well happy

  3. Dale Verified owner

    Banging Banging cheese wow been so long

  4. Anne Cannon Verified owner

    Thank you so much Guy’s/Girls ?
    The Best smoke ive had in 30 year when I last had Blue cheese. So smooth and delicious flavour in my Solo 2 Vaporizer which lasts for ages.

    Please please ? get this best strain ever created by MAN, back in Stock…

  5. Chris Verified owner

    Quality bit of cheese. Get real nice hints of blue Berry and the classic cheese smell and flavour is on point in my opinion ?✌

  6. DeepchordDubTech Verified owner

    Nice berry smoke but not the dank , musky blue cheese like i used to nail back in the day, the stuff when you open the bag and it makes you pull a face . It is leaning towards full berry profile just the most subtle hint of uk cheese in there on the toke. Still nice strong indica gear . Hopefully we see more cheese come through as i really need that amazing aroma taking over my whole house again .

  7. #420 Verified owner

    Would say the same as above hints of UK cheese but still a really good smoke and definitely should get in more cheese strains_\|/_

  8. Russ1987 Verified owner

    Lovely cheese smell when I opened it up but like a comment above says, I was disappointed my whole house didn’t stink of cheese after like it used to back in the day! Nice smooth smoke though and clean berry taste on the exhale. Not a huge headbanger but that’s to be expected. Would definitely get this again ✅

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