Deadhead OG

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Deadhead OG is a hybrid medical marijuana strain with a lineage of both Sativa and Indica. Chemdawg 91 (Sativa) accounts for 60% of its DNA, while SFV OG Kush makes up the other 40%.

The aroma of Deadhead is very pungent, yet pleasant. Patients often describe notes of pine, lemon, and wood in both the raw buds and the smoke. Its earthy fragrance is very smooth, but can easily permeate a house.

Deadhead OG, is beloved by experienced cannabis consumers for its high potency and reliability to produce a long-lasting body high. The effects are cerebral, physically stimulating and mentally relaxing. Those who are new to cannabis or have a low THC tolerance should use caution with DeadHead OG. This strain pairs best with lazy activities, like watching TV or playing video games.

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A wide range of ailments can be successfully treated by Deadhead OG, including anxiety, insomnia, chronic depression, stress, and pain. Once smoked, mood elevation sets in almost immediately. Feelings of amusement and euphoria are common, and this mood improvement generally lasts for several hours. The mental high is very stimulating, resulting in increased focus and introspection, rather than a dazed, stoned feeling.

It is recommended for those who want to be able to stay active after medicating. While the high does not induce lethargy, it does increase relaxation and one’s ability to fall asleep.

Because Deadhead is such a potent strain, it is not recommended for patients who are new to smoking cannabis, or have a low tolerance level.



14 reviews for Deadhead OG

  1. Orderer420 Verified owner

    Decent buds and nice smoke

  2. Natalie Mounter Verified owner

    This was ok. Strong smell before & after its smoked. Leaves you cloudy-headed and relaxed but not sleepy. Nice if you want a relaxed high where you can still socialise, if you don’t mind being a little bit cloudy. Is fairly strong with longlasting effect. You can smoke a medium strength joint & be high for hours. Mellow high that is no euphoric or trippy.
    Taste is quite woody, not that pleasant imo, kinda like smoking sawdust

  3. J.c.b Verified owner

    Looks like picture smokes good smellqs ok happy thanks again

  4. tabz Verified owner

    Thanks 🙂 ? I feel drawn to indica as a rule but this ones like a nice mix of both, this company is excellent, I made the error of using another one and got stung, never again ? cheers mi dears.

  5. Sameera Jan Verified owner

    First of all amazing delivery service! 10/10
    This one is a smooth smoke, smells fruity and is just as good as I expected. Loving all the new flavours, can’t wait to try more!

  6. Sunny Verified owner

    Nice nuggets, really clean smoke, lovely flavours,really happy i took the leap and ordered…need more cheaper options for people on a budget or some sort of reward scheme for loyal customers otherwise 10/10 keep up the good work dispenseree peace…one love

  7. neil docker Verified owner

    Nice smoke proper head buzz tastes great smells great and delivered quickly happy as always looking forward to more

  8. Steve Ryles Verified owner

    Splendid service – just kicking myself I didn’t buy a raffle ticket so I’ll have to order again ? Lovely smoke and is great for stress relief and watching old movies.

  9. Max Verified owner

    After a bumpy road with dispenseree. I have finally received my order. its okay pretty strong. Extremely stressful ordering process but I’m stoned now so nothing matters. Hopefully my next order won’t be so bad.

  10. danios Verified owner

    Very small nuggety buds which are slightly dry but it burns and smokes clean.Has a sweet earthy taste.
    Comparing it to other strains ive had from here and basing it on value,i’d give it!! 7/10

  11. Buzzin Verified owner

    This Deadhead Og is quite a nice ‘Buzzing in the head’ feeling. imo it smells half as dank n tasty as the wedding cake, but 5 minutes after consuming its a clear buzz in the head, I got no body stone at all. This basically has a very similar Buzz to the blue cheese from years ago.

  12. FRED

    Quick delivery and well packaged.
    Weed 8/10 for taste/smell but full marks for strength.

  13. Vicky Skene Verified owner

    Love this strain also, this is great to help sleep and stimulate an appetite apart from that the team keep doing the great work

  14. Amelie2240 Verified owner

    10/10 across the board. Ordered Thursday, got tracking Friday, then delivery on Saturday. Top quality stuff too, will definitely be ordering again!

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