Double Barrel OG

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Double Barrel OG offers a double shot of OG genetics as this hybrid combines White Fire OG with Raskal’s OG Kush. Its dense, resin-packed buds give rise to flavours both sweet and sour, a pungent fusion of sweet lemons and fuel-drenched pine. This hybrid travels straight to the head, launching you into thick euphoric lucidity that lets you forget any heaviness in mind or body.

Those with long to-do lists or people who need a bit of a mood booster can count on Double Barrel OG to work quickly. After your first hit or two, you’ll feel an immediate change in your mental state as you head straight to a euphoric place that’s full of clarity and focus. This motivating strain works wonders if you have a full day ahead of you and need all the help you can get with staying on task. As your high progresses, body buzzing effects will settle you down to a place of calming relaxation.

Whether you have a long day ahead of you or simply want to experiment with a new strain, grab Double Barrel OG and prepare for some fun. It’s a great accompaniment to outdoor adventures or a movie watching marathon; just make sure that you’re in a place where you can relax on the comedown. Even if you only need a bit of a mental pick-me-up, this strain should be your number one choice time and time again.

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Deeply coloured hairs are present as well as a super sticky coating of thick resin, almost acting as an indicator that you know you’re about to embark upon some good bud. Notes of diesel, pine, and lemon will hit your nose as you break up the nugs with flavours to match.

Physical pain is no match for Double Barrel OG, as it’s great for treating chronic concerns as well as occasional issues like headaches or cramps. Users suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, or nearly any other mood disorder will also find the effects of this strain to be nearly magical. As you feel your head clear up, any emotional or mental heaviness will lift with ease.

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