Forbidden Runtz

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Forbidden Runtz is an indica-dominant hybrid weed strain made from a genetic cross between Forbidden Fruit and Runtz. This strain an ideal choice for experienced cannabis consumers.

Forbidden Runtz effects make them feel euphoric, relaxed and aroused. Medical marijuana patients often choose Forbidden Runtz when dealing with symptoms associated with migraines, anxiety, and depression. The dominant terpene of this cannabis strain is myrcene. Forbidden Runtz features an aroma of tropical berries with a flavour profile of sweet, earthy, and fruity.

Effects range from calming to tingly-sleepy, the kind of feeling you get when you feel justified doing absolutely nothing at all. We recommend Forbidden Runtz as a perfect companion for a spa day, a long nap, a do-nothing lazy Saturday, or a movie marathon (provided you don’t mind missing the ending!).

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The combination of euphoria and relaxation makes the strain great for low-level body pains and achiness, especially when it’s work-related. It can be a great companion for stressed or high-anxiety individuals who crave a little calm. It makes you hungry too so appetite-suppressed users will love getting their cravings kickstarted by the flavours of fruity, citrusy pine.



6 reviews for Forbidden Runtz

  1. Ivory

    Recommended. Good smoke. I’ve had delivery delays in the past from Dispenseree, but this time communications were on point and it arrived the next day after ordering

  2. Buzzin Verified owner

    Nice and dank. Vaping brings out a cherry flavour when inhaling , exhaling I get hints of a slight lemon taste with the cherry. ?

  3. Max Verified owner

    Yayyy woke up this morning to a lovely little parcel!! Thank you dispenseree. Beautiful smoke,tasty as. Wish I could get Os of this its so nice. Great quick delivery. Big hugs to all ?

  4. Mark o Verified owner

    Nice smoke very relaxing

  5. J.c.b Verified owner

    Nothing better then wakeing up to the best kind of package nice bud smoke good taste good .so fare so good when it comes to post allways turns up 1st time waited six days this time 48hr fuking awesome very happy customer

  6. Max Verified owner

    So this is my 2nd forbidden… not as nice as the first lot. Not as sweet and doesn’t taste as yummy but hey!! I’m happy and wasted so its all good baby baby!!

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