Frozen Cherries

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Frozen Cherries is a well balanced hybrid made through the crossing of Cherry Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. A flavour packed addition to Dispenseree, with a crowd-pleasing, fruity taste and well-balanced effects.

Frozen Cherries burst with a bright cherry aroma, practically begging to be sniffed and inspected over and over again. Hanging out underneath are some more musky, kushy base notes. Breaking open these beautiful buds, yield some light herbal notes. When combusted, this strain burns remarkable smooth and is easily inhaled. On the exhale, Cherry tastes sweet and woodsy, leaving an overall impression similar to the taste of cherry-flavoured bourbon over rocks.

Frozen Cherries is an even blend of cerebral insight and physical sedation making it perfectly suited to introspective activities like listening to music or taking a nature walk. Cherry Cookies can also facilitate stimulating conversation. Because it is neither overly energising nor overly sedative, this strain is appropriate for use at any time of day.

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Frozen Cherries has a high that comes on quickly. Smokers are almost immediately struck by a feeling of altered perception, external stimuli can take on new significance and thoughts may flow in a freely-associative way. Visual distortions are also commonly reported, giving Frozen Cherrie’s initial effects a rather psychedelic feel. Within short order, the strain’s indica relaxation… to this point, only slightly discernible, creeps forward and spreads through the smoker’s core and limbs. A slight heaviness or pressure may emerge in the forehead and around the temples.

Just as Frozen Cherries has many users for recreational smokers, it also has a variety of potential benefits for medical cannabis patients. Its enduring relaxation can soothe aches and pains, whether temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like lupus or arthritis. Anti-inflammatory properties in the strain’s genetics may also relieve anything from headaches to indigestion. Psychologically speaking, this strain’s overall easygoing vibes can temporarily blunt the acute symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Somewhat difficult to come by, Frozen Cherries is worth snatching up whenever it’s spotted on Dispenseree. It’s smooth and versatile high is great for solo or social use. If you do bring it out to a party, be prepared to share, as its cherry-tinged clouds are sure to turn some heads and start a few conversations.



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