Ice Cream Cake

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Ice Cream Cake is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. This strain offers sedating effects that leave your mind and body completely relaxed. Ice Cream Cake features a creamy flavour profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough. In addition to its flavours, its dominant terpenes add flashes of spice that deepen the experience.

Ice Cream Cake starts off with a flavour like cream cheese and vanilla, relaxing into a nutty exhale that starts to drift towards citrus and herbs. Its effects are pungent owing to mid-20s THC levels. Ice Cream Cake gives you a cerebral push, a lift in your mind that encourages happiness, easiness, and positivity. If you’re a Type A personality person, running around doing work, controlling your life, Ice Cream Cake could be a remedy from yourself.

Beginning as a mental burst of energy and drifting into unfocused bodily sensations that lead to sleep, Ice Cream Cake can be a great evening companion for heavy workers and heavier thinkers. We don’t know exactly where it comes from. But we know where it’s going!

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It will leave you locked to your couch, teasing you with sedation. Your racing thoughts will be gone, calm as a sea of melted ice cream for you to drift bodily away into who-knows-where. This is what makes Ice Cream Cake perfect for treating depression and pain, as well as insomnia. The tantalising flavours can jumpstart a stubborn appetite too, making it great for people who suffer from appetite loss and nausea.

Its major terpenes include Limonene and Caryophyllene, with some Myrcene peaking through. These give it a citrusy overtone, an almost orange aroma, mixed with cinnamon. The truly nosy cannabis connoisseurs will be able to sniff out lavender as well.

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  1. Buzzin (verified owner)

    This is absolutely blindin.
    This stinks badly, like top self Cali believe it, it’s good.

  2. George Smith (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful smoke, can’t wait to try the other selections!

  3. Mark Shah (verified owner)

    Fantastic smoke! I had a fat spliff after work and it was glorious. The taste is first earthy followed by a subtle blast of fruitiness on the exhale (which must come from its gelato 33 heritage) Truly delicious. The effects were very sedating and relaxing with a blissful high – definitely one to enjoy in the winter when you’re just chilling indoors.

  4. L420 (verified owner)

    Had one of these before bed and just had the best sleep I have in ages

  5. Arun Davis (verified owner)

    Ice cream cake slaps strong high taste 10/10 I’m smoking nachoz by karma cartel rn and the ice cream cake is almost as good never expected this

  6. Scott Bennett (verified owner)

    Really delivers that thick cakey smoke. Preferred this to their wedding cake

  7. Peter Harris (verified owner)

    I agree with the last review, really nice smoke also had the wedding cake and this is nicer . Also got the Skywalker OG and equally fire, 8/10 for the ice cream cake and skw OG ?? both tasty clean and nice smokes

  8. Jack Byron (verified owner)

    one of my fave smokes from here, comes like cali& smokes like cali, 10/10 for everything even shpment!!!

  9. L420 (verified owner)

    Absolute ???

  10. Buzzin (verified owner)

    Ice cream cake is so nice I purchased another. It tastes absolutely gorgeous, smells absolutely gorgeous, vapes absolutely gorgeous & guess what……………………the stone is absolutely gorgeous as well.

  11. Luke Harris (verified owner)

    Top shelf bud very tasty and a lovely smell to it, i taste the gelato on the inhale and cakey type flavour on exhale. The high is a nice buzz *****

  12. Graham Stenburge (verified owner)

    First time even trying ice cream cake, people where telling me for a while to try it. Came out better than expected. Nice and sweet. Absolute 10/10 this one.

  13. Wizz (verified owner)

    Second lot of ice cream cake I’ve bought, absolutely lovely smell taste and stone, l hope that this site and service will carry on and change everything along with all the other countries that already have, I am legally aloud to treat my pain for degenerative disc disease with cannabis but cannot afford the prices of the private cannabis clinics and the bad quality of there products, also having not to buy off the street anymore is great after smoking so much BAD dawg that I’m sure is sprayed with something and probably grown in poor conditions.
    Like I’ve said before cheers dispenseroo and hope you do change the laws in this country because your rite it needs to change and follow the rest of the countries ✌️

  14. SN

    Had a number of issues with my orders …quiet a few major issues BUT 5* stands as every step of the way…they collected the information and sorted it out …I mean major issues from my perspective…But nearly all of them resolved and the others shud be as well as have got verifications……thank you Dispenseree for your Due diligence

    Bud: have always mentioned Dispenseree stuff is bang on. Weight was on point, smell amazing and buds amazing and high unreal

    Way Better than the UK icecream we have tried before

  15. [email protected] (verified owner)

    5 stars proper good weed could pass for cali bud

  16. ColinChis420

    LOVELY!! Best I’ve had in a while, nice taste few issues but worth the wait, gonna be a good weekend

  17. LM

    I am not normally a fan of flower and much prefer hash of I can get it but this was something else… outstanding buds, flavours and wonderful high…no paranoia and Cali quality. Issues with DPD were instantly forgiven

  18. Toad (verified owner)

    So nice! Keep this going dispenseree
    Best I’ve had since Amsterdam

  19. bobby brown

    10/10 Taste
    10/10 Service
    10/10 Everything you need is here!!!!

  20. Danny Bartholomew (verified owner)

    Wow this is absolute ?

  21. Chizdog (verified owner)

    Looks the part, tastes the part. 5* service. Especially considering this isn’t strictly legal! Will
    Keep purchasing as long as the site is up and running!

  22. Debi (verified owner)


  23. Russell Fogarty (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding!! Nothing else needs to be said about it! Better than a lot of Cali I’ve had. 15/10 will be buying again ?

  24. Martin Browne (verified owner)

    Top gear. We was very much excited to try this one. Another we was yet to test. As a fan of the WC and GEL we knew this would be a banger. The Gelato lineage and WC comes through very tasty. Smells pure Ice cream and doughy with sweet like a cherry on top. Impressive gear. Great work again

  25. Chinwah

    Great smoke, definitely our favourite. 10/10

  26. Angela (verified owner)

    Exactly as described, smells, flavours and highs are wonderful. It’s a hard hitter that calms me and puts me to sleep eventually, an evening smoke for me this one definitely purchasing more.

  27. Angela (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the ordering and delivery service. The product is exactly as described
    the smells, flavours and highs are wonderful. It’s a hard hitter that calms me and puts me to sleep eventually, an evening smoke for me this one definitely purchasing more.

  28. Spacemansid (verified owner)

    Purchased three times now! I’m weighing out 60mg hits as that’s plenty.

  29. Matthew Baker (verified owner)

    Got this a few weeks ago and forgot to review – brilliant service and speedy delivery had it at my door in 36hours. Great taste, very moreish. Cant recommend these guys enough. If you’ve never got off dispenseree before, just do it.

  30. Daniel Smith (verified owner)

    I really loved this bit. Wasn’t sure on the smell of it at first but the taste was so sweet I really enjoyed this. Bit pricey but worth it with these guys as u know what you’re getting. Once again keep up the good work guys your legends!

  31. Paul Bolton (verified owner)

    2nd time I’ve used this method – i ordered dunkaroos and ice cream cake on this occasion and both were great quality and ON WEIGHT. The process works a treat if you follow their simple instructions to the letter. Doing a great job guys, keep up the good work. Order number 3 with you now !

  32. CuriousOne

    Lovely taste. Purple bits on the buds. 10/10

  33. GerrardBud

    Latest batch absolutely top draw. Couldn’t get any better. Lovely taste, energising and strong.

  34. Ash (verified owner)

    Regular customer now. Ice cream cake top smoke. Beautiful taste and a strong hit. Every bit of flower I’ve had from these guys has been 10/10. Comes brilliantly packaged and arrived 24hrs after ordering! Quicker than my tesco order.

  35. Elliot Beaumont (verified owner)

    Beautiful relaxing smoke put your favourite tunes on put your feet up. And drift away !

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