Mixed Shake

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Shake. Like a lot of cannabis terms, it means different things to different people. And how people define shake does a lot to determine whether they love it or hate it. These cannabis leftovers can be used in various consumption methods.


If you’re going to be using it for rolling a bunch of joints, or even making edibles, where the consistency of the bud doesn’t really matter for extraction purposes, you might as well get the best bang for your buck. Another great way to utilise shake—again, without actually getting stoned—is using it to make CBD-derived skin topicals. This method is a bit more time consuming, but it’s well worth the wait, especially with a “burning” passion for natural self care methods.

Using the remnants of your marijuana shake to make edibles is perhaps the best way to do just that. This way, you’re extracting all of the remaining THC from your flower and maximising its potency in a highly-condensed form. We’d suggest making canna-butter out of your shake, as it’s a simple and relatively fast process that will certainly get you stoned…to say the absolute least.

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1/2oz(14g), 1oz(28g)

137 reviews for Mixed Shake

  1. Jack Verified owner

    Perfect, exactly what I was looking for! The shake is covered in crystals and smokes 10/10, a very cheaper alternative!!! Thanks

  2. Brayden Verified owner

    Fast, 10/10. Can’t lie I was being weary about ordering from here I get it in the post all the time but never off a website but it’s 100% legit, I’ll be back soon

  3. Marc Winsor Verified owner

    Reliable, quick and true the their words. As many would be I was cautious about ordering from here. That said I’m glad I did, very good product and will be ordering again without a doubt.

    Recommend the sour marmalade too, very tasty.

  4. Mark Bye Verified owner

    Genuine site although I didn’t think so at first, my fault I purchased right before the first postal strike, followed by bank holiday weekend, followed by postal strike. I contacted support on Telegram and they reassured me and it turned up. I was sent with 24hr delivery and took 8 days ?.

    The shake itself simply can’t be beaten for the price, if you’re willing to smoke anything as long as it’s weed like me. ? Crystals galore and everything is weed bits, kief dust, small buds, silver leasf and fine bud bits no sticks or wood. Perfect if you don’t want to smoke tobacco.

  5. giles russell Verified owner

    I was hesitant to use this site, but v. glad I did…..
    Had a recommendation from another person to use this, so ordered some shake to test….
    What arrived was exactly as pictured….decent color, lots of bits of bud, not just dust and stalks (actually very little of these there)
    Its wonderful to finally find a site that does not rely on crypto….I wont go down that route, and much prefer the setup these guys have….
    I will be back for more…

  6. Kev Dring Verified owner

    I read the reviews and that helped put my mind a rest. I ordered, 2 days later a package arrived well packed, vacuum packed inside so no odour. I had a go and was very happy, in more ways than one:) I just ordered my second lot and now looking forward a couple of days. Defo 10/10!

  7. Benjijames Verified owner

    I’m always hesitant to buy shake as some people will include trim which ruins it….what I got off these guys is actually shake, buds and bits of buds etc that are tasting pretty good in my vaporiser.

  8. Thomas Williams Verified owner

    Very good stuff, tastes nice, smokes well and is definitely the best shake I’ve had. Well worth the money

  9. Lordlucan Verified owner

    Excellent, really impressed with this site. As above there are proper bits of bud in there hardly any stalks. Great value for money, tastes nice aswell ??

  10. ben jones Verified owner

    Shake came yesterday after waiting a week due to the strikes with the post. Exactly what is pictured arrived and tastes pretty good for the price and what it is. Lots of tiny buds covered in crystals definitely a must get if your looking for cheaper stuff.

  11. Alex Verified owner

    Ordered 14gs got 18 cant complain smells good tatse good and prefect for canna butter ?????

  12. Alvin Verified owner

    Cheap n cheerful. Always smells on point. Smokes fine and makes for great edibles and a tobacco replacement in joints too

  13. Julia Oko Verified owner

    Excellent value for money. Big bits and small bits. Tasty and strong. Goes straight into a spliff.

  14. Mike Letherland Verified owner

    Ordered 14g got 21-ish but there was about 3g worth of twigs/stalks but for the price it’s nothing to pick through for 10-15 minutes to get only the good stuff. Loads of little buds and a little leaf and smells lovely when you break the buds up when smoking and best bit is you’re getting a mixture of a few different weeds so it’s a bit like a pick ‘n’ mix! Can’t complain and will certainly be back for more.

  15. Alex Verified owner

    I buy regularly 100% recommend only thing i would say is please ad a 2 0z option for 150 or 160.

  16. Lee m Stukley Verified owner

    I’m 48 and have smoked weed from 17 so would like to think I know a thing or 2 about weed. Ordered shake 3pm Monday, delivered 10am Wednesday. Ordered 14g received 18g. Although just shake it’s nice to smoke in joints. Although not as nice as a fresh nug you can’t go wrong for £60 for half an oggle. Looking forward to purchasing some bud from this site in future and really hope that cannabis regulation changes in this country.

  17. Gareth Thomas Verified owner

    Was recommended by a friend , said his order arrived so gave a 1/2 of shake a try and it turned up. Loads of little bud bots and crystal dust , does have bits of leaf and stuff but I just grabbed a pinch and put it in a cone and boom , it’s really good. I was stoned AF. Can’t wait to buy the buds and want to try the THC vapes

  18. jay90 Verified owner

    Received today as described, really happy I’ll definitely be using again

  19. James Verified owner

    Absolutely amazing stuff for the price, 10/10 would recommend, tried the half z for my first order and it came 2gs over. anybody sceptical please don’t hesitate to buy from this vendor. Quality stuff no stems whatsoever in my batch.

  20. Davethebear Verified owner

    Dispenseree has made a 57 year old man very happy indeedy. This Shake is better than the crappy buds I get from the street dealers, in fact it is very good. Now I don’t have to go out and deal with idiots, I can sit back and wait for it to come to me. Will be buying more when it is back in stock…….Cheers Dispenseree, keep up the great work….

  21. James Verified owner

    Needs a restock!!❤️

  22. Peepers

    Total game changer. Can’t wait to order more.

  23. Morgan Smith

    PERFECT FOR H.B.O. FULL OFF MIXED QUALITY SHAKE.UNDER 1000x microcrope the trics are all over everything..same price raise but it’s worth every penny.it’s exactly what your smoking just the bud clipped of the pretty bud off all quality flower.so he’ll yeah gets ya stoned.or get some cookies in the oven.

  24. Morgan Smith

    PERFECT FOR H.B.O. FULL OFF MIXED QUALITY SHAKE.UNDER 1000x microcrope the trics are all over everything.. but it’s worth every penny.it’s exactly what your smoking just the bud clipped of the pretty bud off all quality flower.so he’ll yeah gets ya stoned.or get some cookies in the oven.

  25. Jenna Watts Verified owner

    Epic stuff. Would deffo recommend. ??

  26. Kian Smith Verified owner

    Absolutely amazing, got me FLOATING even with a high tolerance. Would recommend :)))))

  27. xoUndeadxo Verified owner

    Delivery was about as fast as I expected as I ordered just before the weekend. For shake it’s about as good as you can expect, really smooth smoke, nice high. Perfect for my anxiety 🙂

  28. Reon Verified owner

    First oz of shake I got was spot on, little nugs in there, crystals to high heaven, smelt nice and smoked nice, got another oz the other day and it does get you stoned but doesn’t have a particularly nice smell to it, doesn’t taste the best but smokes nice so you can enjoy a smoke of it mixed with some hash, it’s very leafy but does have a fair amount of crystals so that makes up for no little nugs in there, would recommend the shake as you can’t really complain for the price does what it needs to at the end of the day ☺️

  29. Emmet Manning manning Verified owner

    !0/10 as always!

  30. Kian Smith Verified owner

    Lovely stuff

  31. Morgan Smith Verified owner

    I see lat lot of shake with BHO .THIS BY MOST SO FAR ON HIGHEST YIELD. I smoke next lot instead of tobacco so I am now on the smalst pinch off dry powered backyard I’ll be of nicoteen.i enjoy that Lil kikck the virgin Joint don’t get you.it’s quality I’m on third lot as the colour and. Tase, smell changes . A bit but allways covered in tricombes ALLWAYS !! The tric coverage is amazing.paid for 48 hours it came next morning

  32. Chris Haycock Verified owner

    At last! An accessible, genuine and reliable source online. Please stay in business. The shake is just perfect, and good value.

  33. Tim Titley Verified owner

    Was very wary as you should be but I thought I’d give it a go. The shake is really good quality and perfect for my vape. Absolutely 10/10 will definitely order again and try some of the actual flower.

  34. Tracy Louis-Smith Verified owner

    Excellent quality shake..brilliant for making an oil particularly good for insomnia as I have severe PTSD. This gave me the best night sleep ive had for years. 5 star rating.

  35. emmy03 Verified owner

    Got the half of shake, really nice aroma smells like the taste of some oil i have! Really decent flower, especially for the price!! I got the full 15g, super discreet and sealed packaging too! The delivery was super fast with royal mail 24hr! came literally 24 hours later (Lol maybe 25? but u get it). will definitely be purchasing again, probably a full oz this time.

  36. Jayjay Verified owner

    Rely nice for shake impressed by the quality nice pine aroma smells and taste is good. good value think we need a 2 0z option. will be back for more soon. Thanks Dispenseree

  37. Wizz Verified owner

    Nice trim full of crystals and mixed bits of bud great value and cheap alternative to flower, works fine
    Cheers dispenseroo

  38. Aaron Clare Verified owner

    Ill be honest guys i am really dissapointed. I grow my own weed from time to time and in my experience theres 2 trims, the 1st trim after you pull the fans leafs off and the close trim when you shaping those sexy liil nugs. n my eyes the close trim is shake and the picture for your shake shows this trim. my shake looks like the 1st trim its dark and smells like dried leafs. mine isnt covered in crystals like everyone seems to be claiming, in all honesty i dont feel like i have 110 worth of smoke. maybe my expectations were a little to high. Luckily i use a dry herb vape as well has bong so it will work well in there or using to infuse for edibles. I still give you guys 5 stars because i think youre work with dispenceroo is fecking awesome. Next time ill try the carts i think. Thank you guys

  39. Aaron Clare Verified owner

    RE Edit. Works Nice on a vaporizer IE volcano or pax etc i use Nectar platinum works nice on there. 1st few hits taste like orange the stone is nice and what you would expect from dry herb vaping. I prefer this method strictly because i make eliquid with my AVB or fire crackers. Any how One way or another you will be happy with your purchase
    :). thanks

  40. Keefo Verified owner

    Great value, good stone aswell great for spliffs with no tobacco

  41. keithy Verified owner

    Absolutely amazed lovely peppery kushy smell nice purple colour proper loads of little nugs smokes like it smells nice clean smoke i couldn’t be happier thanks guys 10 out of 10

  42. David Merrill Verified owner

    First time ordering and i must say this is the way forward, the rest of the UK needs to take note.

    My parcel was delayed but via the live chat they was quick to respond. Any questions answered and very professional. I opened it this evening when i got home to take a look and i must say even this shake is better than a local hood rats “top quality sh*t”. I will definitely be using the service again and others need to jump on this site and give it a try.

  43. TJ Verified owner

    its weed. not the best but far from the worst and easily the best value for money of any i’ve bought. package didn’t smell til cut open. will def buy again.

  44. Jonathan


  45. Andy Verified owner

    Brilliant quality and value 10/10.

  46. Philip Ware Verified owner

    A real review
    Had an oz of shake to try as baccy and I’m impressed it’s actually god enough to smoke as is. We’ve had hash and a few mates have had the vapes and all good

  47. B Verified owner

    Honestly I was expecting better for the money I had no nugs at all and there looks like some big fan leaves have been cut up in it too but still has a tinge of weed smell coming out. I was gonna use it instead of tobacco in spliffs. Not bad if your broke not good if your a picky smoker

  48. B Verified owner

    2nd review. Got to say it smokes better than it looks

  49. stuart burrows Verified owner

    was grate nice smoke found 2 seeds after 1 went pop but was still really grate

  50. Ben Boothby Verified owner

    This is the best thing that has ever happened, just received mine and it’s a brick, no smell at all through the bag, ordered on a Monday and received the following Monday, due to postal strikes. This is good quality for the money and gave me 18g.

  51. User 1 Verified owner

    Couldn’t beat it with a big stick at this price!

  52. Dean Emberson Verified owner

    Loved it , the oz was 4 frames over and really nice smoke got me stoned x merry Xmas all one love

  53. John Mclennan Verified owner

    I’m blown away. Fantastic smoke. I bing allot and was great not to have my lungs ripped out for a change?. The royal mail fecked up and dispenseroo stepped in and I was sorted less than 48 hrs later. Consider me a regular XoX

  54. Jo Jenson Verified owner

    Genuine site. Very pleased with service. Delivery times not great, but willing to overlook this. The shake is very good. 10 out of 10. Lots of crystals and bits of bud, some leaves. No sticks. Just crumble straight into your joint (no need for grinding) or vape and away you go! Strong effects and you never really know how each vape inhale or joint will hit you as it’s mixed shake. I loved it. Helped with my fibromyalgia chronic pain and relaxed my mind that eased my anxiety and depression. Got very high and loved every minute of it 🙂
    Would also be great for making cannabutter for edibles.

  55. JoJo Verified owner

    Second time ordering this and reviewing it. It did turn up the next day. 10/10 for delivery and 10/10 for quality. However there were sticks in this batch, there were no sticks in the first batch I received. Guess that’s going to happen from time to time.

  56. Morgan Smith Verified owner

    My 5th order

  57. Nadall Butcher Verified owner

    Let me start by saying I usually avoid shake as every time I’ve had it previously it has been sh*t but if I had to describe this shake in one word it would be wow I had extremely high expectations from the jump because every review on it is 5/5 but it deserves it honestly this is my second order with these guys and all I can say is I look towards to seeing what else they have coming this year but anyway back to the shake Smokes 7/10 id say not black ash but not white ash taste also isn’t terrible 7/10 I’d also say overall I’d give it a 10/10 because of the price if your on a budget I’d say buy this over an 8th or Q of decent bud ?

  58. Davethebear Verified owner

    My 3rd order of Shake and still a happy 57 year old. Miles better then any of the crappy bud I can get on the street where I live. So thank you to the deliveree staff, I have great respect for you guys and the risks that you take to make us ALL happy. Happy New Year to you all……….Cheers

  59. NORMSKI17 Verified owner

    28gs of lovely smoke,really helps my chronic pain and makes my life a better place thanks to dispensaree.4th order no probs and the price is great for my budget thanks again ??

  60. Morgan smith Verified owner

    Gave 5 stars as won’t get read if not,shakes not up to old standards,no bits of bud no more.also promised an item twice just forgotten.

  61. Reece Williams Verified owner

    Got 14g to test it out and honestly can’t complain it smokes nice with white ash. 10/10 would recommend and purchase again.

    Excellent job Dispenseree ?

  62. silverarrow Verified owner

    1st order arrived today, so far everything has been just as it says on the tin, well packaged, prompt communication, looking forward to trying it later.
    Dispenseree is my current favourite web site, thanks guys ??

  63. daniel Verified owner

    This is incredible, Such a clean smoke with clean effects, I also recieved plenty of pebble sized popcorn nugs with a lot of kief at the bottom, The flavour wasn’t the best but I did taste a little of sweet minty fruits, Proper nice for the buck!

    Smell – 7/10
    Taste – 4 / 10
    Ash – 10/10
    Effect – 10/10

  64. Julia Oko Verified owner

    Could do with a few more bits of bud in it. The first batch I bought had several buds in with the Shake except the subsequent batches didn’t. I did notice though that the last ½ ounce I bought was a lot stronger anyway, extremely good top quality weed. Could mix it up a little more generously with some bud bits as no one smokes Shake by choice, only because it’s cheaper. It would be really great if Dispenseree would consider doing an ounce of bud for the £100 mark even if it’s lower quality, for those of us who like to smoke it morning noon and night. No complaints though as it’s 100% legit site and I will buy more. Thank ? you Dispenseree..!

  65. Stephen Crook Verified owner

    Banging! Hopefully back in stock soon ?

  66. Shane Searle Verified owner

    But it is quite strong , so maybe three stars is more fair.

  67. Julia Oko Verified owner

    Lovely high buzz. With bits of bud.

  68. Julia Oko Verified owner

    So strong I nearly fell over and I only smoked two. Plus I mix mine with tobacco. It’s getting stronger and stronger I didn’t realise that even the Shake was such high quality. I won’t take it for granted again. Well done Dispenseree.

  69. Alan Verified owner

    After my first order in December; I then read online reviews. 100% thought I’d been scammed. Order arrived a few days later! Ordered again in January on a Sunday. Arrived Thursday. Bit pricey; but better than dealing with strangers face to face. Hope this site flourishes, as I’m in my 60s, and vape for pain management.

  70. ScotsAvo Verified owner

    Very impressed. Order was dealt with quickly (can’t say same about Royal Mail) I couldn’t wait to get home from work and give it a go. I had one doob and I can’t complain. there was no sticks, grinding wasn’t needed, straight in a skin and lit up. It tastes fine. I was stuck to the sofa for a couple hrs and stared through the TV.
    I will defo be buying from these people again. Wonderful service they are providing.
    Thank you Dispenseree

  71. Munchies McPhee Verified owner

    Mine was quite dark. Smells weird, tastes weird, but got me battered. Think I’ll mix it with bud for flavour, but can’t complain for the money.

  72. TeamToke Verified owner

    Wakey bakey wise and shine

    Everything was banging could be doing with a wee bit more tiny buds

  73. Debbie Verified owner

    Amazing , as a newbie I use this for edibles as I don’t smoke and clueless how to smoke it anyway lol. I’ve wasted so much weed trial and error but this works actually better and I don’t need to grind it

  74. Ant lewis

    Love this stuff . Me and my pal si genaro both smoke this regular , it puts us to be but one oz lasts 3 months for us . Si was on the voice . Great stuff this , might sell a bit . Im playing at smoking aces bournemouth with si genaro and il be high on this good stuff oh my sweet days . Did i mention si was on the voice ? Because he was

  75. Steve Gilbert Verified owner

    Like many, I was a bit dubious about this site, but I was wrong. Have had several orders of shake now and can honestly say that it is extremely good and does its job very well. Reduced pain and less stress, what more could you ask for?
    Customer queries could be answered quicker, but other than that, I say go for it……you won’t be disappointed ?

  76. Mutley76

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s bang on, slight strange taste when vaping but definitely gets you stoned. Kept some for vaping and made some lovely oil with the rest. Gets you battered!!
    Only gripe is I thought I got ripped off with how long it took to arrive.

  77. Ganzo Verified owner

    Excellent all round bang for your buck! Nice flavour, slightly citrusy and not unpleasant to smoke in a joint at all. The high is quite cerebral, very clean, comes on strong, but fades back in to a nice level buzz. Perfect for wake and bake, newbies or all day smokers. Highly recommended.

  78. IanC Verified owner

    PROS: Excellent quality, few stalks etc.
    CONS: Time to process/deliver – 8/10 days, even with Royal Mail 24 Tracked.

  79. James Verified owner

    Took 9 days to arrive and looks a bit dodgy but tried some with some beldia hash and it’s strong that’s why 5 stars.,.tastes good does good

  80. P Hieron Verified owner

    Nice one Dispensree, 5 days from ordering to dropping on my doorstep, great service awesome product, for those not sure this site is totally legit, excellent discreet service will deffo be using again, it’s a 10 out of 10 from me

  81. Scottyboy Verified owner

    Sceptical at first as it was my first time ordering but 3 day delivery is ace.nice in a vape and overweight.cheers dispenseree.

  82. Manda Verified owner

    Great for making edibles!

  83. Alexander Mills Verified owner

    First time ordering and I was dubious if it was legit, the long wait time (nearly 3wks) didn’t help fears. But it did finally arrive. The smoke is good and can’t complain about the price. Will bear delivery times in mind going forward. Will use again.

  84. Doug Verified owner

    Very impressed.
    As other have said, be patient, mine took 2 weeks to come through.
    Keep an eye on your email for tracking details, all good here!

  85. Peter Watson Verified owner

    Excellent value for money

  86. Andy Davidson Verified owner

    I’m currently higher than Mariah Careys greatest xmas hits!

    Ordered & Paid 28th March, recieved confirmation via text 29th, recieved shipping notice via text 7th April (no email with tracking info), recieved item 8th April.
    Bang on weight, darker than the pic but not in a bad way, little chucks of bud, lots of crystals, very high and very happy 🙂

  87. Vicky Skene Verified owner

    The first time I heard of this site I thought I will give it a bash and brilliant a Oz of shake a 3 bits of bud separate, worth every penny, so done asked can you sell Oz bud £100 do t be silly we pay for quality not quantity, every bit iv had is amazing, the strains are out of this world and I get stoned love it 110% dispenseree keep up the good work!!

  88. Conor Woods Verified owner

    Love Dispenseree, have gotten the shake a few times and every time it is exactly what you would want, few small stems, but just pick it out loads of crystals and gets you stoned, great

  89. Rachael Verified owner

    This is a life changing service for the WORLD! They are legit people ? Amazing price for this shake which I use with tobacco

  90. Darren Verified owner

    Just like the picture, lovely cheap smoke that does the job, just a shame royal mail took over a week to deliver despite being 48hr delivery,

  91. Gareth Thomas Verified owner

    £75 for a half or £220 an OZ. Any sense in this

  92. William Parker Verified owner

    Really good stuff, not to mention great value for money, can’t recommend this site enough, turned up really quick, nice smoke, would 100% buy again

  93. Dylan Gwynne – Jones Verified owner

    Ordered my shake last week, turned up today and well worth the wait. Nice little nuggets of green delight ?

    Spot on ☺️

  94. Gary Verified owner

    Second order from here (first was some very nice Moroccan hash, which i much prefer but seems to have been out of stock for ages, which due to some clerical/admin problems took 4 weeks to arrive). Ordered some of this on Tuesday around 4pm, 24 hrs tracked option, arrived midday Thursday. Marvellous. The shake is also marvellous, perfectly fine for an old pest like me. Very relaxing and doesn’t knock your bollocks off.

  95. THC Tester Guy Verified owner

    Great mixed shake for the price just tested with my Purpl Pro came out at 23% THC

  96. Sila Verified owner

    First time ordered, came in 2 days . Wow wow wow I am over the moon ???

  97. Alexander Mills Verified owner

    My 2nd order from dispenseree was alot quicker arriving this time. Good smoke and reasonably priced. Would recommend.

  98. Christopher Sullivan Verified owner

    Thanks so much…perfect all round… ??

  99. Chris Haycock Verified owner

    3rd order. Definitely will not be the last. Great smoke, and delivered on a Sunday too. What’s not to like? Good work, many thanks.

  100. Mohit Limbu Verified owner

    10 for service and quality is good too

  101. Vasdeck Verified owner

    Shake… more like 14g through a grinder the quality was perfect for joints I even loaded it into my pax too and the terps from the shake where shinning will be ordering again as it makes a cheap smoke with quality

  102. Indoorjacob

    2nd order- which was £330 but had no tracking email even checked junk. Messaged customer support had nothing back then it was delivered 6 days after the order. Seen negative reviews but that must be competition or the odd parcel gets seized. Will be my plug from now on as it’s less hassle being longed out by “roadmen” dealers.

  103. Scot Pragnall

    Shake was premo best shake I’ve had probably

  104. Sam Verified owner

    Amazing stuff, cheap alternative without sacrificing quality. No more dealers for me, this team is awesome.

  105. Sameera Jan Verified owner

    I bought this for the first time after reading the reviews. And I can say I wasn’t disappointed, it’s a good smooth smoke and great tasting. The delivery was so so but don’t let the delays with delivery, put you off this amazing site. X

  106. Pacifica Verified owner

    Ordered Tuesday evening, arrived Friday morning, bang on weight and the quality of this shake is great! Thanks Dispenseree – you guys are the best!

  107. Phillip Schofield Verified owner

    Never disappoints , on price or quality . Had the shake a few times now and always good. If you like shake that is , I personally love the stuff as it lasts and is always a fat bag. Great for joints or blunts or pipes or edibles all around bbc and itv favourite

  108. Zeanah

    Definitely the best shake I’ve had ?? even found a few small nugs in there, really nice high too. Will be using some of it for edibles now that I know the strength

  109. Adi Verified owner

    10/10 , Quality, Price and Service!!

  110. Mac Verified owner

    Shakin like Steven a+

  111. Gareth Thomas Verified owner

    Have had a few orders of shake in the past and omg this one smells lush. Really good quality shake with some decent small buds and blows your mind in a bong. Just buy some ???Thanks dispensers ???

  112. Vasdeck Verified owner

    Last bag was a 4 outta 5
    ordering again still feel its value for money and gets you medicated

  113. David Clark Verified owner

    What a service!

  114. Jack Mclaughlan Verified owner

    Was sceptical about this site but 100% legit and the shake smokes great, excellent value, will order again ?

  115. Laurence Davies Verified owner

    Great service, ordered thurs eve and got it Monday lunch. Amazing value and does the job ?

  116. Bud Rosco Verified owner

    Great value, some bits of bud in there and smokes clean 10/10

  117. Frank Verified owner

    Super pleased with purchase. Thank you!

  118. SamwiseGanja Verified owner

    Was hesitant at first, but this will be ordered regularly as great value! Smokes good and even had a few nuggets in there. Only criticism would be a bit dry but kinda expected! Already got 2nd lot on order!

  119. Stephen Morton Verified owner

    Scottish buyer here. 1st time ordering off Dispenseree & I’m never turning back. Ordered Sat night & it arrived early Tues morning. Discreet packaging & completely vacuum packed, so no smell. The second I opened it I was hit with a lovely strong smell. Quite a few nuggets & no stems etc. Haven’t smoked it yet but by smell & looks alone I know it will land me on my arse. Saved me a fair amount of money on weed, cheers Dispenseree!

  120. Stoned Verified owner

    This shake is lush.smells banging and smokes nice..!! I’ve ordered half ounce couple of weeks ago and now I’ve ordered an ounce.and it’s a good price..and next day fast delivery. Thank you very much guys!

  121. Sunny Verified owner

    Great for spliffs, smells lovely, and is actually quite strong…was worried about ordering but happy I did….could be cheaper but hopefully in time they will drop prices for us loyal customers..keep up the good work dispenseree…peace…one love

  122. J.c.b Verified owner

    Got the half good size smokes good just smoked a fat 1 im high for the money and you get loads im happy every order always turns up think this is my 8th order 24hr awesome thank you guys and gals again keep up the great work will order again me happy

  123. Adzactive Verified owner

    Really high quality stuff, mine smelt like Cherry Gorrilla. It was bang on 14g, of which 1.1g was nice looking popcorn nugs. Not one stalk in the bag !

    Looks: 8/10
    Smell: 7/10
    Smoke: 8/10

  124. Dylan Verified owner

    Bought for boomtown, got held up in the post for a week but well worth the wait, the smell that hit my nose after I finally got to open the bag sitting in my tent was unlike any smell I had smelt from shake in the past, you can really smell it’s from high quality bud and the high is good, couldn’t ask for better for the price!!!

  125. Alex Verified owner

    It honestly feels like it’s 90%+ bud, slightly weaker than pure flower but not to an immediately noticable degree and this is one of my go to buys to save some cash whenever it’s in stock!

  126. Stoned Verified owner

    Banging Smoke!! Great price and great to smoke and tasty! Nice buds. Can’t wait for a restock!!

  127. Daniel McCann Verified owner

    Good action

  128. Emaselia Verified owner

    Really love this shake, it’s great quality and you almost always get a few cheeky bits of nug in there. Smokes well in a bong or in joints for us!
    Great value for money, discreet packaging, smooth high ^^. You should probably try it.

  129. Codger

    After 6 days of waiting my order arrived which was long especially after my other order took 3 days nothing like the last batches. still a good quality smoke if ur on a budget…bring back the last lot and cheaper options and restocks more often and a loyalty reward system for loyal customers that will make a few people happy.. you thanks later peace ✌️ ?

  130. Daniel Body Verified owner

    First time buyer. Order late Saturday night and received it Wednesday. Didn’t know what to expect but everything went smooth. Honestly more reliable than Amazon. 10/10 will be purchasing again soon.

  131. swagbagged Verified owner

    Probably the best shake I’ve had in 25 years of smoking, very nice on the taste and effects. Keep it up guys, doing a great job ?

  132. Satoshi Naughtymoto Verified owner

    Legit review here: Shake was going ace, really great stuff, first one was Zkittles. Was dank ? until, last three orders have loads of seeds in. I let it slip with two orders, but third order came through was gutted. Have ordered shake like 14 times and only 3 came through full of seeds recently. Hoping this gets sorted and can change review back up to five stars.

  133. Oldleaf1

    Very nice smoke plenty of crystal I’ve smoked a wee bit from early sixties to now lol great site T3 i will be back peaceful journeys everyone

  134. Vapergirl Verified owner

    Best shake I’ve had. Great every time, well worth the money.

  135. Gbjohn2611

    When I first got it, I was sceptical. It smelled a bit like catnip and I didn’t feel like it really got me that stoned. But after prolonged smoking for the past few weeks it’s grown on me. Loads of crystals now it’s finished and feel like it was money well spent so to sum it up; worth it.

  136. Kk Verified owner

    Last month it was banging. Loads of wee buds. This month I bought the Oz. It had about the same amount of buds as the half Oz did. And this one seems a lot more leafy. The buds are nice tho.

  137. Blazy Madz Verified owner

    My 4th time ordering.. the first lot of shake I got was quite hazy. I ended up using to make cannabutter.. 2nd and 3rd batch.. was really good. As soon as I opened the bag.. smelt like opening a Cali pack.. which was a nice surprise!

    You keep smashing it dispeneree. And thanks for the safe way to get to me… no more lingering the streets waiting on ?

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