Moroccan – Commercial Hash

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Moroccan – Commercial Hash, a sweet strain, of course, but it packs a spicy aftermath. It’s great for calming down and going out, even for doing nothing – the ideal people watcher’s strain. It was bred by an unknown creator from prestigious parents – Cherry Pie and GSC (Girl Scout Cookies).

The strain’s terpenes favour Humulene at the top and then in less prestigious amounts, Limonene and Terpinolene. Humulene is the woody, spicy terpene that gives a lot of strains the unique taste of earth and pepper. You may recognise it as the taste of hops, which also contains Humulene.

The strain works wonders for users who want to control their nerves or anxiety. Neuromuscular regulation is also a term that gets tossed around, meaning that this can help people deal with depression and reduce symptoms related to muscular sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

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Hash may be used in a number of ways. Traditionally, hash has been consumed orally, either as a solid or infused into a beverage such as the traditional Indian drink bhang. Hash may also be smoked, either on its own or as a way to accompany traditional cannabis flowers.



56 reviews for Moroccan – Commercial Hash

  1. Morgan Smith Verified owner

    Gorgeous,takes me back to 80s 90s .took a few days but won’t be having t meet shady road men any more.NO SCAM.LOVELY SMOKE AD GREAT QUALITY that’s from a 50 y old 36 years growing and smoking.

  2. Robert Maltby Verified owner


  3. Aaron12344 Verified owner

    lovely smoke smells amazing too highly recommend

  4. Hash83 Verified owner

    This site is real and so is this hash nice taste nice smoke proper Moroccan

  5. Leon Lamey Verified owner

    I haven’t had the chance to get any hash so when this came up I had to try… Bit of a faff with payment but once thats over, you’ll get the cleanest smoke you can buy… Respect!…

  6. Craig Dunbar Verified owner

    Bang on weight, nice bit of hash, my only small gripe is that stealth could be a tad better, apart from that product was as advertised

  7. Derek McDowell Verified owner

    Excellent hash and it came the next day

  8. Pete Green Verified owner

    Was skeptical I admit however was worth a go. And 24 hrs after ordering some proper hash arrived. ? It’s a quality smoke too! Highly recommend and will definitely be a repeat customer

  9. craig mansell Verified owner

    Proppa old skool moroccan,lovely smoke and ndd

  10. Carlos liab Verified owner

    Ordered yesterday via bank transfer arrived today old school vibes nice and mellow creaps in though nice

  11. Derek Wylie Verified owner

    Great stuff, fast delivery.
    Couldn’t ask for anything more.
    Thanks Dispenseree ??

  12. Brazzerz Verified owner

    10/10 old school stone happy vibes all round ????

  13. Declan OReilly Verified owner

    Not too bad – a harder hash – old school commercial stuff.

  14. Jamie Verified owner

    Got mine! Amazing flavour, first time I’ve had hash in nearly 20 years, I’ll definitely be ordering again, can’t find words for how much I love this website I think it’s going to really help a lot of people ❤️❤️✌️

  15. Daniel Campbell Verified owner

    Quality Hash. Crumbles nice, perfect for a wake n bake.
    I find it a bit harsh on the exhale and I. would take the Herbal Rhyno over this.
    Big up Dispenseree ?

  16. Lex Verified owner

    10/10 banging, got next day delivery as it said and lasted ages

  17. Gav Verified owner

    Takes me back to the 90’s. Received next day 10/10 many thanks

  18. Buzzin Verified owner

    ?good service.
    Good hash.
    I purchased 2x 10g of this Moroccan& 1x 5g of the sky hash.
    Upon opening I realised the order was missing 1x 10g Moroccan, so I reached out to these guys.
    They asked me to provide a picture of what I just received. I’m pretty sure they picture the packages themselves to cover such a situation because about 15minutes of waiting(supposedly to look at there pictures to compare with mine)they got back to me & said they will send out 1x 10g Moroccan.
    It arrived the next morning.
    So yeah, I had a bit of a sweat-on, thinking I’d lost £75. But no, they are bang on with the after sales care ❤ .

  19. jonesy Verified owner

    10/10 Takes me back to the 90’s and next day delivery. Thanks despenseroo for helping the pain leave my body ?

  20. NORMSKI17 Verified owner

    Just received my hashish its beautiful stuff.firat time buyer i ordered on Monday and got this morn Thursday THANKYOU to the guys and dolls at Dispensaroo you have change my life by doing what your doing,I take big risks every month to get puff but always short or poor green,this is a game changer for me thanks, so happy right now ? ps please get more hash in soon pretty please it lovely ?

  21. Grizzly

    Takes me back to before the euro came and fucked things up . Nice one dispenseroo

  22. Paul Morton Verified owner

    5 star,Taste and smells great.☕️ The service was easy and any questions i asked were answered in minutes.Look forward to trying more hash

  23. Mark Dewey

    Looking forward to more coming in stock.

  24. danio Verified owner

    Great communication from these guys.I Had a minor issue which was quickly resolved without any fuss!! Nice bit of hash, i prefered the Lamborgini they had in , but this is a smooth clean smoke. ?

  25. LeoNed Verified owner

    I love this and the super maroc… never had any problems with quality or delivery. 5* Dispenseree!

  26. Bobby Verified owner

    There on a fucking scam he very carefully people
    Sending dead tracking numbers

  27. Bobby Verified owner

    Order 10 days ago and been told same bullshit
    Nothing has arrived

  28. Bobby Verified owner

    sender is preparing item” means that the system has generated a tracking number but it’s not been posted yet.
    Nothing has been sent Do not listen to their bullshit

  29. Chic Verified owner

    Nice puff had to wait 12 days for it to arrive. But with it being christmass and a postal strike ongoing my christmas came early. Also a shout out to the guys/girls on the chst team. Well done troops kerp up the good work.

  30. Ben Verified owner

    Lovely clean but of hash, I haven’t been able to get nice hash for years. Thank you Dispenseree

  31. Shatners Bassoon

    Chill out Bobby

  32. Anthony Potts Verified owner

    Ordered next day delivery received 8 days later but still giving 5* as time of year an post strikes. The hash is great, nice taste and awesome high THANKYOU guys keep doing wa ur doing ??

  33. Ki Verified owner

    Have bought this a few times now. It never misses! Have wanted some clean, old skool hash and this is it! Had a bit extra in the bag this time – whether that was a mistake or not I’m not sure – either way I’m super grateful and will continue buying from you guys! Big up!

  34. Skrillz Verified owner

    Nice classic hash

  35. toker Verified owner

    was ok the rhyno and caramello are better though for the same money

  36. Jul Verified owner

    great taste lovely smell and what a high, melted mine down in some butter added a bit of caramel liquor and added it to my coffee, arrived 2 days late, but def worth the wait, will be buying this again,

  37. alec Verified owner

    Any doubters and I was one fear not does exactly what it says on the happy stoner here ordered Wednesday here sat morning bang on weight and as good and clean that I’ve personally not seen since the 90s.thanks team dispenseroo never leave my life from this day forth ?

  38. fraser craddock Verified owner

    Ordered Friday, arrived Tuesday. Not had a smoke like this since the 90s. Smells amazing, smokes even better, clean and mellow as is the high. Puts a massive smile on your face and just had one of the best night’s sleep for a while.
    This is how things should be, just wish it was in stock again!

  39. Craig Verified owner

    Spot on such a nice smoke and yes they used my coupon and will shop again

  40. Bobbylee Coates Verified owner

    Postage took about a week but the product is banging.

  41. Simon Guy Verified owner

    Quality bit of hash, nice and chilled high with nice flavour

  42. Simon Guy Verified owner

    Quality bit of hash

  43. David Verified owner

    Very nice hash, lovely and soft! Crumbles between fingers with ease and is a great smoke!

  44. Alli Verified owner

    Love this!

  45. Stephen Waddington Verified owner

    Great service. Took a while to come and great customer service. Will be ordering again 5 stars

  46. Nate Dog Verified owner

    Took a while to get here but it did. I for one can’t imagine the logistics in getting all these orders out in a timely manner without putting yourself in danger. Just have a little patience and i’m sure they will get round to your order. Thanks to the guys and gals that are keeping us medicated.

  47. Zr1908 Verified owner

    Took a while to land these guys are legit. Great smoke.

  48. Jack Last Verified owner

    Nice stuff took 20days to get delivered wish was a long wait

  49. G.wise Verified owner

    Legit. Fire hash ?

  50. Tim Glew Verified owner

    Great bit of hash. Believe the hype, this place delivers. Will be ordering more when the hash is back in stock. NICE WORK!

  51. Buddy Verified owner

    Great service and lovely trip down memory lane for me back to puffing in the 90’s

  52. Dylan Verified owner

    Awesome service ordered yesterday arrived this morning. Now for that trip down memory lane 👍

  53. Craig Johnson Verified owner

    Spot on as always I will shop till I drop 10/10

  54. Craig Johnson Verified owner

    Spot on as always I will shop till I drop 10/10 as always

  55. S Verified owner

    Just Wow! Pure quality! Delivered on time! This aint no scam people!

  56. Steve Verified owner

    at last – a simple way to get quality gear.

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