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Oreoz brings the flavours you’d expect based on the funky name, which brings to mind too many sweet, milk-dipped, crunchy-grooved chocolate cookie snacks than we could possibly count. However, it’s a cannabis strain not a cookie… But we mean that lovingly – this strain is a keeper.

It leans heavily towards indica (70/30) and is a cross between Cookies N Cream and Secret Weapon. If you have a stress problem to treat, it could definitely become your secret weapon. Oreoz was created by 3rd Coast Genetics. This strain will remind you of the childhood treat “dirt” – the pudding and crushed Oreo dessert with a few gummy worms on top. It smells of sweet chocolate and nuttiness. While consuming it, you’ll get notes of diesel as well. 

High potency and relaxation-promoting terpenes round Oreoz out into any indica-lover’s new favourite strain. This thing careens into your brain with hours-long, high-flying feelings of serenity and happiness. If you have racing, negative work-week thoughts, Oreoz is an absolute dream. It takes them, dips them in the milk of not giving a flip, and feeds your own childhood back to your brain. Your happiness will expand and cultivate feelings of calm, making anyone around you happier too.

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Oreoz uplifts and relaxes, while also making you hungry for snacks. It’s great for low-key gatherings of friends who want to relax and destroy their stress. But we recommend it for late-night users who are alone as well, especially if they suffer from chronic issues related to nausea or a loss of appetite. Oreoz is a dessert-flavoured treatment for common gastrointestinal sickness and can help anyone lift their spirits (and appetite) back off the floor. It’s so calming that even insomniacs will want to take a bite to catch a bit of much-deserved shut-eye.

The combination of cerebral calm and physical lightness makes Oreoz a fan favourite. Users love the THC and growers love the resinous, trichome-soaked buds for making high-quality concentrates. Colorado users love the tingly, sleep and creativity-inducing sensations of using Oreoz, especially while watching TV, visiting the spa, fishing, working on creative hobbies, or doing basically nothing at all. All are equally applicable uses of a delicious snack of Oreoz.



7 reviews for Oreoz

Based on 7 reviews
  1. Joe Taylor (verified owner)

    Pretty decent, I’ve had better UK though. 7/10 on flavour and 6/10 on strength

  2. Avii (verified owner)

    Crazy nugs and smooth smoke, although not too much taste or strong scent.

    Solid 8 / 10 defo worth the price

  3. daniel (verified owner)

    Had Oreoz previously of Dispenseroo and was absolutely fire, Smelt super earthy and tasted like chocolate.

  4. Buzzin (verified owner)

    I bought this first just before xmas with with an ‘Oreo dispenceroo’ bag for £75. It was covered in cystals , was a clean burn but was pretty much smell-less & was virtually taste-less with a very very slight cream to it.
    I wonder why this batch is £15 cheaper ?

  5. BadboyT (verified owner)

    Ordered on Tuesday delivered on Wednesday
    8/10 for taste/smell but 10/10 for strength.
    Keep up the good work

  6. Lee (verified owner)

    Great smoke and almost energising high. Good nugs too. Fastest delivery yet! ?

  7. Cal Scouler (verified owner)

    10/10 batch this one

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