Packman Vape | 2ML

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Packman Vape | 2ML

Packman disposables are one of the latest carts to be released in the market.

Packman carts which was released at the beginning of 2022, has now gained popularity and is now one of the most popular and best selling disposable in the market.

  • 2000mg
  • Live Resin and diamonds.
  • Cleanest, strongest concentrate
Weight 0.05 kg

Grapple Berry Fritter (Indica), Peachy Nerdz (Indica), Cereal Skunk (Indica), Granddaddy Urkle (Indica), Mystery OG (Hybrid), Blue Airheadz (Hybrid), Berry Payton (Hybrid), Sunset Gelato (Hybrid), Unicorn Zkittles (Hybrid), Guava Lava (Hybrid), Pineapple Rings (Sativa), Blueberry Diesel (Sativa), Starburst Runtz (Sativa), Lemon Head (Sativa), Watermelon Sour Patch (Sativa)

27 reviews for Packman Vape | 2ML

  1. JDizzleHater33

    “JDizzle” is the zestiest name I’ve ever heard. You must be special needs if you think a 2ml disposable in the US is only $20. Thats £15. Are you feeling okay you spa. Maybe next time wait till the next day when all the retard is out of your system to write the review. Fruit ?.

  2. JDizzleisasausage Verified owner

    Yeah shut up JDizzle is clearly off his nut these disposable are all worth the money best tasting concentrate I’ve had yet already copped another ?????

  3. JDizzleTalksShit41

    Hahaha haha!! ? $20 are you for real I don’t even think you’d get a 1ml for 20 bucks bedtime fur you son these vapes are bangin lads!!

  4. Robert Fall Verified owner

    Banging tenten vape best high recommended

  5. Buzzin

    Well actually these retail over the water for between $75-$85 each depending on where you go. So if you take the smuggling into the country, the logistics in everything to get it to your door, then I’d say the mark up is acceptable.

  6. Mac Verified owner

    Watermelon gets you oot yer ? a Google search shows that the FAKES are $30 across the puddle

  7. Craig Verified owner

    Really recommend these! I’ve been smoking/vaping for years now but still find the packman kinda harsh, which is the only downside. Nice and strong so seems to be lasting ages for me, so definitely worth the money.

  8. BLZR Verified owner

    Lovely, smooth on the intake, lovely taste and a really clean high. From a long term joint smoker, I can see this being a new permanent thing ??

  9. READYBEAR77 Verified owner

    BLZR I was just saying this today I pay about 120 a half Oz and the half Oz lasts me 4 days if I’m lucky.Im on my 5th day and just over half of it smoked so it’s a win win for me.I have peachy nerdz just now and will open the mystery OG later can’t wait

  10. Bud Rosco Verified owner

    Graple berry fritter is amazing, taste is very fruity and the high strong, worth every penny. Thanks

  11. RP

    Just Yes

  12. Lee Verified owner

    Always had poor experiences with THC vapes having shit disty and fake terps Until now.

    One strong toke is enough for a good high.
    Clean and tasty
    Worth the money

  13. Dark night Verified owner

    Absolutely loved the blue air heads.. 1 toke and your set…

  14. jaydog Verified owner

    Blueberry diesel vape. Pscks a punch, although the exhale bites the back of my thought pretty bad. 4 spliff like pulls and taste is great and I’m feeling high alright and energized. An hr later and im sleeping and struggling to wake!

  15. Potty mouth Verified owner

    Great for relieving pain. Very strong to me, but I’m a novice in using this. Will be buying, or sampling some other product in the future.

  16. Russ1987 Verified owner

    Was sceptical of these because I’ve not liked weed vapes in the past, this is definitely the real deal. Smooth on the inhale but knocks your socks off on the exhale. Proceeding with about 5 minutes of sporadic coughing. Definitely does the job. Nice clean high. Still like smoking flower but in the same amount of time it’s taken me to smoke 3 x 3.5, the level in this vape hasn’t moved. you cannot deny these are far better value for money. Hopefully they’re restocked regularly.

  17. Drug Consumer

    Very strong and it doesn’t smell. I Hope these come back in stock.

  18. James Billinge

    @everyone they are $20 on the pacman website right now and normally $30 with shipping at $55 , yes maybe a little steep on here ..BUT you have to add on risk and then actually making a little profit for bother . Until its legal here we are always gonna pay a fair bit more for stuff from USA or Canada it’s how it works . Decent vapes by the way they do the job flavours taste like they should

  19. Lee Coleman

    Get more of these please. Perfect for discreet consumption ?

  20. Texan1

    These stuff are fantastic BUT You Guys in London believe they are real ….they’r Blavk BLACK Market even in the STATES….PS: Scanacart is owned by a GANG…so it’s not real product verification and since it’s BM you won’t have a product verification as they have NO LICENSE…
    But mostly their good stuff but have heard stories …so test them before using for pesties, metals and liquid breakdown

  21. Luka Tim Verified owner

    if anyone is curious, the mystery og flavour is gummy bears ?

  22. Martin Bremner Verified owner

    Got mystery OG and I am BAKED afyer 3 puffs, for hours. Bit steep bit seems like it will last a while

  23. Readybear77

    TEXAN 1 it’s just aswell they have a scratch test and you can verify it on the official packman site

  24. Readybear77

    No way just found out pot drop uk are doing these for £105 free 24hr delivery orders over £80 that’s bangin right Dispenseree get the finger out and start doing them for a tin a pop weed wars ??

  25. Sonny Verified owner

    Bit expensive but wow packs a punch ? and taste lovely definitely recommend the grapple Berry fritter 10/10 not sure which one to get next ? keep up the good work dispenseree and more deals for people on a budget or loyalty rewards scheme would be appreciated..peace ?

  26. Muza94 Verified owner

    Vape was an easy 5 star but the delivery is shocking. Takes a week or longer if you get free shipping

  27. Andrew Taylor Verified owner

    Watermelon Sourpatch – lovely flavour and sativa buzz/ sweet watermelon exhale. Grandaddy Urkle – beautiful go to indica/blackcurrant exhale. Overall 5 on 5. In my view however Spacevapes are marginally better as smoother and taste truer to label imo. Either way a no-brainer for the conspicuous vaper enthusiast.

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