Pink Runtz | Pre-Roll (1.5g Pre-Roll)

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Pink Runtz Pre-Roll (1.5g Pre-Roll), convenient and quick pre rolls that pack a punch. Each joint is rolled with 1.5g of premium UK-flower. Pink Runtz was bred by crossing a Pink Panties clone to a reversal of Runtz.

People work now more than they’ve ever worked before. And it doesn’t help that our phones and computers give us access to work all the time. You may not even notice the stress building up, consuming your mood in the low-level rain clouds of your thoughts, always the next shift or the latest project or another thing you forgot. There’s no better reason to give Pink Runtz a try than to trade a buildup of stress for a blast of unfocused happiness.

A taste that lingers like sour candy, with a kind of zesty undertone. The aroma is mild, so the strain has become a favourite of people who want to smoke without the whole world knowing. Pink Runtz isn’t shy visually, though, sporting a chroma of every rainbow colour imaginable from its purple and blue leaves out to the dark pinks of its edges. Its trichomes come in thick as frost.

When you take a drag of Pink Runtz, especially if you bring negative, work-stressed, racing thoughts to the table, the strain goes hard to work at blowing your brain up into a happy balloon. Its 24% THC average begins to move those thoughts to the side in exchange for a loss of focus, a rush of cerebral certainty, and a feeling of strange giddiness. And that’s not all (TV announcer voice).

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The thing that most draws people to Pink Runtz is what comes after a physical, tingly buzz that fights pain in your entire body. Kicking back on this strain, especially for people with muscle pain, can be an incredible relief. When you find yourself in stressful situations or need to kick that bad mood out the door, Pink Runtz is here to help! Pink Runtz is known to bring on the munchies too, so it can be very useful for people also trying to increase their appetite.

2 reviews for Pink Runtz | Pre-Roll (1.5g Pre-Roll)

  1. damien Verified owner

    ordered this yesterday, this came today and omg sooooo high buzzing well done guys will defo buy again soon.

  2. damien stevens Verified owner

    omg this was an amazing smoke and such an amazing feeling well done guys ill defo be ordering another one of these soon with more products 🙂

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