Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

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Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is a cannabis concentrate used for many different medical benefits, including relieving cancer symptoms. It has a thick, syrupy consistency and can either be smoked, dabbed, taken on its own, or mixed into food or drinks.

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Rick Simpson Oil, or more commonly known as RSO. Is among the earliest examples of modern cannabis concentrates and contains higher levels of THC.

RSO can be taken on its own, or mixed into food or drinks. As RSO is an oil, it can be smoked or dabbed.

It’s named for inventor Rick Simpson who developed it for medical purposes in 2003. Mainly used to help treat skin cancer, and many people report that it helps relieve symptoms of other conditions.

Compared to other forms of cannabis, RSO is great because it’s easy to make, it’s discrete and odourless, and can be taken orally on its own, or mixed with any food.




15 reviews for Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

  1. craig mansell Verified owner

    Absolute dynamite stuff,clean enough to smoke,dab or as an edible,very very nice oil,3dd will defo buy again

  2. Beauford Ferguson Verified owner

    10/10 for eating I’ve never tried smoking rso don’t think I ever will but for eating wow it’s unreal i ordered more today

  3. SNM

    Bought RSO from Dispeneroo early February this Year.

    Have been collecting kief on my Grinder and have finally made & Drying out some MOONROCK ?

    No alcohol when burnt via fire …… very thick & sticky consistency. Banging Tingling High when smoked through Vapour…very Uplifting then relaxing buzz…then leading to sedation…..still tingling through.

    Moon rocks:
    Dipped 1ML RSO per 1Grm of Billy Kimber Budz (Also from dispenseroo selected and left aside for this). Coverered in 5-8 Grams of Kief.

    Looking forward to hitting this on the weekend on the bong.⚗️

  4. Alfie Verified owner

    First time using rso and it’s really strong good for edibles and not bad for smoking be good to see other extracts on the menu ?

  5. KrommD Verified owner

    Eating it does good damage lasted around 7hrs for me of a grain of rice size dose you dont feel that wrecked but you do start loosing stuff i still havent found my lighter and smoking it felt like a waste tbh didnt do much vape may be better

  6. Aaron Verified owner

    Took too much first go after waiting about 1 and a half to feel high. When it hit it was probably the most high I’ve felt. Around 0.05ml did me for a few hours through eating. Tried vaping and didn’t do much for me. Would highly recommend.

  7. Psynaptik Verified owner

    4.5 stars – why? room for improvement.

    This is medicinal. It has an earthy warm buzz, it reminds me of smoking for the first time, except I was eating this (mostly) out the tube… I mean it’s edible right? Still took me to a new level.

    Really earthy flavour, completely saturated with it and yet, there’s room to experiment. But if you just want to take a joint super saiyan, then here you go…

    Apply a grain of this to a king skin and roll away. Apply with a tooth pick or similar for even application (go at an angle for gods’ sake)

    This is no joke. If you’re an eater, this is for you. If you are a smoker, this is for you. If you’re a vaper… guess what…

    This is for you.

    Don’t believe wantonly, I don’t care if you believe at all – All the more for me, and those who appreciate it but really… I’ll go all out just to make this myself, or at least buy up the supply.

    For edibles (Winning)
    For smoking (Winning)
    For vaping (though I added kief and flower to bulk – Winning)
    For just being lazy and sucking the oil directly, in and around your mouth, out the tube? (Glorious)
    Dabbing – I wish I knew…

    Don’t hesitate – if you’re an old school smoker who like hash, the flavour is there. If you’re new age – welcome to the future. If you’re anti smoking – have your cake and eat it.

    This should be legal, unprecedently.

    Changing. Focus. Mindset. Shifting. Driving. Motive. We get lifted.

  8. Julie Verified owner

    bought this to help with menopause hot flushes and mood swings, omg im amazed at how much this helps me hardly any sweats but when i do its nothing to what they have been like, I’ve had 4 good nights sleep, amazing stuff and I’m just about to order more, i ordered over xmas so had to wait a few extra days for mine to arrive, comes in a good size packet, easy to use i just put a bit on my tongue as the taste is quite nice, very relaxing feel after taking this, thank you dispenseroo,

  9. Buzzin Verified owner

    This is by far the best value way to buy THC.
    Not good for vaping or smoking imo.
    The best way to use this is to clarify some butter & squirt some in it, then cook away. Super super strong cookies.

  10. booboo Verified owner

    Bought just before the bank holiday so it took 1 week to arrive. Ok RSO, had stronger but also had weaker so I’m happy with it. Would like 5, 10 ml options for the future. CHEERS DISPENSEREE ?

  11. Beakytzw Verified owner

    Love this stuff. Have a little drop in my brew at bedtime and I get a good 5 – 6 hours rested sleep. Only issue is, it is hardly ever in stock.

  12. Faiq Verified owner

    Lovely rso, works great in edibles!

  13. Brandon

    I take it orally, just a small amount is all you need at first. It tastes bitter but it gives you a nice high.

  14. Phillip Schofield Verified owner

    Superb stuff , arrived in good time as always and by fluff me this stuff hits the mark . Don’t over do it because you may puke . Very strong very clean very good. Everytime I order anything from this site it’s absolutely tops drawer . If you’re thinking of trying it then think no more and just try it it’s absolute quality stuff

  15. James Verified owner

    God bless dispenseree for my prescription…just put some in my cup of tea…not too much I’ll get quite few doses from this… Top marks for speedy delivery not like last time

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