Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

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Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is a cannabis concentrate used for many different medical benefits, including relieving cancer symptoms. It has a thick, syrupy consistency and can either be smoked, dabbed, taken on its own, or mixed into food or drinks.

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Rick Simpson Oil, or more commonly known as RSO. Is among the earliest examples of modern cannabis concentrates and contains higher levels of THC.

RSO can be taken on its own, or mixed into food or drinks. As RSO is an oil, it can be smoked or dabbed.

It’s named for inventor Rick Simpson who developed it for medical purposes in 2003. Mainly used to help treat skin cancer, and many people report that it helps relieve symptoms of other conditions.

Compared to other forms of cannabis, RSO is great because it’s easy to make, it’s discrete and odourless, and can be taken orally on its own, or mixed with any food.

*Sold as 1 (1ml) syringe (picture is for reference).




44 reviews for Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

  1. John

    Waiting for you to restock so i can order thanks.

  2. DMoo Verified owner

    It’s a shame, this used to be amazing but they seem to be rushing it so its very runny now and doesn’t last nearly as long. You used to have to scrape it off your finger or whatever you were taking it off and it was super potent, now it runs off. Hopefully it’ll get back to its past glory.

  3. Adamski

    I came across this page after scouting high and low for rso for my terminally ill mother. Let’s say she nor I are disappointed. No more chemo and sleep is no longer an issue. This stuff is awesome and I’d highly recommend this for anyone suffering pain or sleep issues. 10/10

  4. Marc Castle Verified owner

    I’ve bought this about 4 or 5 times now and it’s been great and more consistent than the edibles by far.

    I’m not a smoker so I buy my own chewy sweets and stretch them out and drop on my desired dose to then chew and swallow which has been working perfectly.

    However the consistency of the actual product batch to batch is not as good as it was. For example my current order that I’ve been working through has way too much alcohol in it which means they stop the process earlier than it should have been stopped. In the relatively small doses RSO is normally consumed in means it still should be fairly safe to ingest however this makes it absolutely disgusting with the sharp isopropyl alcohol that’s been used to make the oil and if my next order is the same then the quality of the batches being produced is going down in quality and that alone is concerning.

    If the products standard can be maintained then this would be a 5 star review however with the current batches having way too much residual alcohol in them makes it difficult to outright recommend this product but if you get a normal high quality batch then it is the best way to consume this type of product in my very limited opinion. Now we just need a way to be told what the batch quality is and someone else mentioned (in the reviews) you never know what strains are being used in each batch which also makes it difficult to reliably dose and prepare for any high.

  5. Potty mouth Verified owner

    I have a dollop of this I the evening for pain relief, and it sends me straight to sleep. I can’t smoke cannabis, it gives me a migraine, but this stuff is really good. Start off with a tiny bit, see how you feel. It gives a nice high.

  6. chris Verified owner

    I decided to give this a try to help manage pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Sick of taking prescribed tablets that cause as many issues as they solve and wanted to try something more natural. Used to be a stoner until I started getting negative effects from smoking, so I thought I would give edibles a try. I bought some of the cubes which didnt seem to do much at all and they are very expensive for what they are. This stuff on the other hand is great. I put the tiniest little smudge on a biscuit and my pain just seems to melt away. My mum suffers with pain, sleeplesness and depression. I managed to talk her into trying it and now she sleeps every night. Her pain is more acute so it hasnt taken the pain away, but has certailnly dulled it down. Trying to get her to try mushrooms now for the depression.

  7. John Verified owner

    1st time trying… this shit is strong! Put a small drop (the size of a grain of rice as advised by a previous reviewer, but maybe long grain rice) between two Rowntree’s Fruit Pastles, chewed them up… flying! Still managed to put my recycling out tho’.

  8. Kane Verified owner

    Rocket fuel. Ordered three times. My only gripe is you never know what strain it’s made out of. All three have been different. The first was an indica, the second a sativa, and I’m pretty sure the third was an indica dominant hybrid. Please inform us of the strains that go into each batch if possible

  9. David Verified owner

    Hi all I have lung cancer (secondary) my oncologist suggested hash oil to slow it’s progress,so i looked at the RSO treatment. As a once prolific stoner for over 35 years I was well acquainted with hash oil so I thought no problem , the initial doses of 1-8 grains 3 times a day where actually pleasant the old stone was comfortable .The gran a day was a different story acute anxiety the diarrhea I was hyper could not sit still with mental torment it was not great but ,I persisted and consumed about 65 grams over a 95 day period at this minute I don’t know if it’s helped . I decided initially to make my own so procured a quarter pound of bush chemicals (pure alcohol)rice cooker and other equipment the bush was about 700 pounds.Then my eldest son showed me dispenseree i orderd 2g and it arrived no prob after 3 days or so next 5 the same I just doubled the order and settled at that no problems only hic up was a very stoned me messing my address up but with calmness and good fortune the good people at dispenseree where able to unravel my initial balls up and the money was refunded. So I suppose I had better say what i thought of the quality. It tasted foul. Stick to the back of your throat. The only thing that cured all that was to take it in a spoonful of fresh cream. That helped immensely. The quality – it was strong but as you increase the dosage you don’t really feel stoned just strange and weird. And I was glad I had finished the massive doses.have started taking a couple of times month now, and am getting rea!ly stoned of it as it is lower doses. Again I’d like to thank the good people at dispenseree! I wish you luck.

  10. Polly Chillery Verified owner

    Long one with, I hope, some maybe vaguely useful info re: medical use, dosing etc.

    I’m prescribed all sorts of horrors including Pethidine, which has been out of stock UK-wide for months. And I stopped using pot years ago because there’s no way to know how strong it is, the forced-in-a-Manc-attic “skunk” which is ubiquitous here can set me off down a dark path. So I came back after a long break, hoping I could maybe find something that helped without it turning me into a depressed husk. Bought several types of hash simply cos I prefer it to grass and yay, happy me. Until The Cough (meh. Should never given up smoking. Turned my lungs into total prima donas.)

    So that’s the story – that is the short version, honest – I needed a way to take the stuff I bought to make up for the big hole where one of my painkillers should be, one that also didn’t involve me doing anything cos blowing up the house whilst trying to make cookies won’t help. I have had oil before but it was back in the dim n distant and we smoked it as per, and other reviewers here have warned to be cautious with the use of this so even if you think you’re a hardnut, take it easy if you’re eating this stuff. Personally, I don’t find it super-strong as others have but we all react differently and want different levels of wasted anyway, but the difference between smoking too much and eating too much of this is how long it lasts – once fully wankered you will stay wankered for a looooooong time, so if your immediate future holds much beyond melting into the sofa, it may be best to wait until the evening (or hold it off until you go to work, depending on how much you love working ?)

    I didn’t notice the syringe is actually marked in tenths because I r a ijut, but I started off with about half-a-tenth, whatever that actually is in Maths (no of course I didn’t listen n school!) and my happy place is somewhere between 0.1 and 0.2*. Give it at least an hour to see what the effect is cos it builds far more slowly than smoking then increase by increments of obluddyhell….half a tenth (soz. I’m fick) until you’re floating a few feet above the ground. And of course you can always build upon the base by smoking, vaping, whatev.

    This is actually the perfect option for medical use because it works out much cheaper than any other and it provides a long and consistent effect once you’ve worked out your dose. Definitely helps with relaxation and although I don’t find any pain-killing effect I think that’s more about the condition I have; both the relaxant and sedative effects help with the pain control so either way you win. Just take it slow and be realistic, especially if you have any mental elf issues – I think it’s entirely arbitrary as to who actually gets benefit from cannabis in any form and for some of us, some of the time, the negative effects outweigh the benefits. Sorry, I’m sure we’re all meant to be “rah rah dope” but I’m being realistic here. If you know there’s a pathway to a bad neighbourhood in your head, don’t slam enough of this to stun an ellyfant until you know exactly how much has exactly what effect.

    A few extra tips:-
    1/ Don’t do involved things with buckets, knives or all the rest of it. You know you’ll only regret it when some doofus (that’d be me) kicks the bucket over and your carpet is still sprouting mushrooms a month later. Sigh….perhaps that’s the indicator we’re now officially Old, when we no longer set up these massive Deadalus-stylee contraptions but just reach for the basics.

    2/ tastes disgusting. If you really can’t tolerate, just smear on a bit of Rizla – or rice-paper if you’re all organised like wot I isn’t – then roll into a ball and swallow. Alternatively, the syringe actually makes it really easy to fill gel capsules with a specific amount so it can just become part of your medication routine.

    3/ forgot. In fact, I fergots errythang. Where am I again?
    Oh yeah – have the coffee-routine arguments BEFORE you take it. Get signed statements properly witnessed and lodged with a solicitor for safekeeping. Otherwise you will be told you agreed to providing all beverages, the provision of at least two snacks and if they can, they’ll cajole you into thinking you agreed to a three course meal complete with waffer theeeeen meeents. PROTECT YOURSELF!

    Apologies cos this is a long one. I’m trying to give useful info in case anyone ever actually sees this and maybe finds it helpful. Just know that eating it in any form is a whooooole other bunny from smoking it but for medical purposes it’s preferable for a number of reasons, not least consistency.

    *This seems to be a lot compared to other reviewers so please don’t use it as a starting-point, it’s just an artefact of the condition I have and the interactions with other medications. If you’re using for medical reasons please be aware of this and start slow.

  11. Hirum Verified owner

    I had this in my oat milk coffee and it is absolutely amazing – I been smoking for 20+ years and ran out of smoke for the day. So i made a few coffees with it and this stuff got me having wobbly knees before the school run haha ? still got a quarter left, I’ll have it again when I’m feeling abit brave ? xx

  12. Bigchungas96 Verified owner

    Great stuff brought my wife and kids back

  13. Frank Verified owner

    A quality reasonably priced product delivered quickly thank you Dispenseree for the rocket fuel ?

  14. Luca Verified owner

    Finished my third, came here to order my fourth. The consistency of the strength amongst the three I’ve ordered is spot on, always potent and great. I take orally and the taste is never going to “get nice” but it’s just something you have to look past. A few minutes of an icky taste is worth the hours it gives you. I’ve noticed that depending on how full your stomach is makes a difference too. Starve yourself a bit and you’ll be glued to the sofa, have a heavy meal and it’s just a nice high lasting that same amount of time.

    @scott the syringe mostly lasts me a whole month, so it doesn’t take a lot at all. I syringe straight into my mouth so not really measuring it, but started off with very small amounts and slowly upped it. I guess if you were measuring it properly you could make it consistent but for me it really depends. This last one I got I had a large amount (mostly by mistake) and didn’t want to spit it out, felt the effects for three days.

  15. John Verified owner

    Thank you so much for what you are doing. Your oil is helping me so much with pain. As well as sleep . Regards John

  16. GerrardBud Verified owner

    I’ve had two of these, still got one and three quarters ?.

    This is some unbelievably strong stuff and it’s not like anything else I’ve had.

    Couple of problems, what to actually do with it? Add it to joints and it really ruins the taste of your nice Dispenseree flower. I don’t dab so that’s out for me.

    Take it orally? Yes but be careful, one of the worst things in the world is to take something so strong that you’re literally pinned to the couch/bed, with no possibility of getting up, and you’ve got the worst dry mouth ever in the universe. That’s what I had, it was unbelievably psychedelic, I have never ever been so high, took 2ml, and it was as if all the water on Earth couldn’t quench my thirst. Taking the oil orally, whilst rewarding in many ways, is terrible.

    Dispenseree, if you’re selling something this strong, do it in capsules, please.

    I’m preparing for the day when I take 3ml and Astral Project onto the surface of Mars

  17. Spacemansid Verified owner

    I thought I was going to have a dry bank holiday, but no… delivered on SUNDAY… and dynamite it is in a glass pipe (Amazon).

  18. Taylor Davies Verified owner

    Love this stuff very much, I placed an order Monday afternoon and by Wednesday morning it was posted through my door. Cant complain one bit. Thank you dispenseree!

  19. Kurt Hill Verified owner

    Great stuff. Got it to help with my partner’s stomach pain but I tried some (for science). Anyway, I ended watching a 3hr documentary about Nicolas Cage. Would recommend.

  20. Bud Rosco Verified owner

    Really impressed with this, gave a new lease of life to someone usually in pain. small amount taken orally results after 30mins. Thanks Again.

  21. banana type ting Verified owner

    “Rso that’s good to go.” 100% quality. Great for appetite, nausea, pain and much much more. <3
    RSO if you know.
    Just a little thinner that OG RSO, (which makes it easier for more people to use).
    “Too legit, to quit!” <3

  22. Brian Hurrell Verified owner

    I used mine to make into vape juice and was nice, tried tiny bit in my vape device got oil attachment, using neat found could tastes slightly fishy at end but works better in vape oil. Delivery times need to speed up though, average one week delivery, too long but understand they are busy. Still my goto site waiting on my own home grown but will still use, love to try making oil.

  23. Unknown Verified owner

    I took a grain of rice size and was stoned for 12 hours…it took 30 mins to hit on an empty stomach. Sometime later i felt incredibly stoned to the point i was worried i was going to whitey. Anytime I moved it was strobe light effect..was far too strong for me and completely floored me, I was praying for an end to it! Next time, i will take a full stop size and see what happens – very good value for money though if it’s that potent on such a small amount!

  24. Darren Verified owner

    Wow… Be careful with this stuff. I got it and put a nice line in my roll. It’s a lot runnier than I expected but I was smoking that joint for a hour and a half, it didn’t taste oily at all, it was almost like orange kush. The skin didn’t even go soggy, it just left a nice resin ring around the cherry, 10/10 stuff right here. I even put a small line on a cigarette and it was a pretty pleasant experience.

  25. SteveW Verified owner

    I’ve just got a cheap and cheerful, uncooled glass oil pipe, and the smoke is smooth and easy on the throat; so of you’ve got a state of the art electric dab rig, it’ll be like inhaling cooled heaven. And you get that classic earthy hashy aroma and flavor.

    Very good for pain relief; but no heavy couch lock feeling, so good for daytime use. And from a medical user view point, I drifted off to sleep last night within minuets of my head touching the pillow.

    Will defo be back for more.

  26. Scott Logan

    Luca how much did you take a day ? About a grain of rice size? I’m smoking far to much these days and my wallet can’t handle it lol think I need to get myself some cheers

  27. Luca Verified owner

    Absolutely potent. A small amount is enough for a buzzy, high feeling. A slightly bigger blob is enough to go into a coma. Absolutely class. £30 of weed would last me maybe two days. £30 of RSO has lasted me nearly a month with getting high most nights.

  28. Mutley76 Verified owner

    Really nice. As above super clean rso, no trace alcohol, tastes really nice, hashy taste . Arrived fast with discreet packaging. Only regret I didn’t buy more. Please keep this restocked ?

  29. Vasdeck Verified owner

    Ordered before ordering again super clean rso

  30. James Verified owner

    God bless dispenseree for my prescription…just put some in my cup of tea…not too much I’ll get quite few doses from this… Top marks for speedy delivery not like last time

  31. Phillip Schofield Verified owner

    Superb stuff , arrived in good time as always and by fluff me this stuff hits the mark . Don’t over do it because you may puke . Very strong very clean very good. Everytime I order anything from this site it’s absolutely tops drawer . If you’re thinking of trying it then think no more and just try it it’s absolute quality stuff

  32. Brandon

    I take it orally, just a small amount is all you need at first. It tastes bitter but it gives you a nice high.

  33. Faiq Verified owner

    Lovely rso, works great in edibles!

  34. Beakytzw Verified owner

    Love this stuff. Have a little drop in my brew at bedtime and I get a good 5 – 6 hours rested sleep. Only issue is, it is hardly ever in stock.

  35. booboo Verified owner

    Bought just before the bank holiday so it took 1 week to arrive. Ok RSO, had stronger but also had weaker so I’m happy with it. Would like 5, 10 ml options for the future. CHEERS DISPENSEREE ?

  36. Buzzin Verified owner

    This is by far the best value way to buy THC.
    Not good for vaping or smoking imo.
    The best way to use this is to clarify some butter & squirt some in it, then cook away. Super super strong cookies.

  37. Julie Verified owner

    bought this to help with menopause hot flushes and mood swings, omg im amazed at how much this helps me hardly any sweats but when i do its nothing to what they have been like, I’ve had 4 good nights sleep, amazing stuff and I’m just about to order more, i ordered over xmas so had to wait a few extra days for mine to arrive, comes in a good size packet, easy to use i just put a bit on my tongue as the taste is quite nice, very relaxing feel after taking this, thank you dispenseroo,

  38. Psynaptik Verified owner

    4.5 stars – why? room for improvement.

    This is medicinal. It has an earthy warm buzz, it reminds me of smoking for the first time, except I was eating this (mostly) out the tube… I mean it’s edible right? Still took me to a new level.

    Really earthy flavour, completely saturated with it and yet, there’s room to experiment. But if you just want to take a joint super saiyan, then here you go…

    Apply a grain of this to a king skin and roll away. Apply with a tooth pick or similar for even application (go at an angle for gods’ sake)

    This is no joke. If you’re an eater, this is for you. If you are a smoker, this is for you. If you’re a vaper… guess what…

    This is for you.

    Don’t believe wantonly, I don’t care if you believe at all – All the more for me, and those who appreciate it but really… I’ll go all out just to make this myself, or at least buy up the supply.

    For edibles (Winning)
    For smoking (Winning)
    For vaping (though I added kief and flower to bulk – Winning)
    For just being lazy and sucking the oil directly, in and around your mouth, out the tube? (Glorious)
    Dabbing – I wish I knew…

    Don’t hesitate – if you’re an old school smoker who like hash, the flavour is there. If you’re new age – welcome to the future. If you’re anti smoking – have your cake and eat it.

    This should be legal, unprecedently.

    Changing. Focus. Mindset. Shifting. Driving. Motive. We get lifted.

  39. Aaron Verified owner

    Took too much first go after waiting about 1 and a half to feel high. When it hit it was probably the most high I’ve felt. Around 0.05ml did me for a few hours through eating. Tried vaping and didn’t do much for me. Would highly recommend.

  40. KrommD Verified owner

    Eating it does good damage lasted around 7hrs for me of a grain of rice size dose you dont feel that wrecked but you do start loosing stuff i still havent found my lighter and smoking it felt like a waste tbh didnt do much vape may be better

  41. Alfie Verified owner

    First time using rso and it’s really strong good for edibles and not bad for smoking be good to see other extracts on the menu ?

  42. SNM

    Bought RSO from Dispeneroo early February this Year.

    Have been collecting kief on my Grinder and have finally made & Drying out some MOONROCK ?

    No alcohol when burnt via fire …… very thick & sticky consistency. Banging Tingling High when smoked through Vapour…very Uplifting then relaxing buzz…then leading to sedation…..still tingling through.

    Moon rocks:
    Dipped 1ML RSO per 1Grm of Billy Kimber Budz (Also from dispenseroo selected and left aside for this). Coverered in 5-8 Grams of Kief.

    Looking forward to hitting this on the weekend on the bong.⚗️

  43. Beauford Ferguson Verified owner

    10/10 for eating I’ve never tried smoking rso don’t think I ever will but for eating wow it’s unreal i ordered more today

  44. craig mansell Verified owner

    Absolute dynamite stuff,clean enough to smoke,dab or as an edible,very very nice oil,3dd will defo buy again

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