Super Runtz – By Don Merfos Exotics x A1 Exotics

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Super Runtz by Don Merfos Exotics x A1 Exotics a balanced strain, delicious and even-handed. Its THC levels threaten to blow your brains out, but there are worse things to have happen on the way to your couch! The result will remind you of Triple Scoop and Corleone Kush, but Super Runtz still has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to make it Super title worthy…

Coming out smelling like candy, wearing its colourful leaves on its sleeve as it gets closer to your nose. The flavour is a delicious fruit cocktail, full of sour berries and tropical citrus tastes. You’ll get hints of earth and herbs underneath the tropics.

The effects of Super Runtz begin as uplifting and euphoric, hitting your forehead first with a paradoxical punch of calm. The warm Runtz feeling will spread to your appendages, making you tingle, leaving you locked to your couch. You won’t be moving for hours after getting slapped around by Super Runtz. You’ll be sedated too, peacefully, completely asleep in no time owing to a THC level that can reach almost 30%.

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Those who suffer from insomnia love Super Runtz, as you probably guessed. It can also do wonders for people suffering from stress and anxiety owing to its ultimate put-down of all your brain functions, replacing them with submissive hours of fruity bliss. If you have a low appetite or feel nauseated frequently, the munchy relaxation you’ll get on Super Runtz can help.

If you need to be calmed after a hard week, this delicious strain combines fruity flavours with a creamy, potent smoke to get you where you’re going. So long as “where you’re going” is the couch and you’re prepared for snacky, blissful sleep, Super Runtz is the prescription you need to leave your week behind you. And in front of you – only the surest sense of warming calm, the signature Super Runtz sleepy time stoner formula for success.



2 reviews for Super Runtz – By Don Merfos Exotics x A1 Exotics

  1. JJ Verified owner


    wish I got more before it sold out so fast!!

  2. CuriousOne

    10/10. Would love to get Cheetos/Zheetos from the Team too

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