Frequently Asked Questions

Are we a scam?

There is only so much Dispenseree can do to prove our legitimacy. We are not in the business of running a scam site but a collective of avid recreational smokers who want to disrupt the UK Marijuana industry in a positive manner. 

All scam pages focus on the money where they set bulk/high quantity requirements or have an overly large assortment of products. What appears too good to be true is always the case; and websites with steep minimum quantity requirements are just out to get your money.  

When we set out in our mission we made the joke that we want Dispenseree to be the biggest and most customer friendly dispensary of recreational Marijuana in the UK; but that is our mission. We want to make Dispenseree as revolutionary as the food delivery service we take inspiration from. 

We endeavour to provide every Marijuana smoker in the UK a safe and secure shopping experience, where they will be able to order high-quality Marijuana, receive a top-tier customer service experience and fast discreet shipping.

The team at Dispenseree hope that you believe in our vision and join us in our journey on becoming the biggest and best dispensary in the UK. 

How and why we sell on the clear net?

The Dispenseree team strongly believes that the UK is in the golden age and is coming very close to Marijuana legalisation and we would like to position ourselves in front of the curve before such events happen. 

We also base our technical operations in jurisdictions where the sale of Marijuana is legal in both a recreational and medical perspective; allowing us to host our operations without interference from law enforcement in the UK. 

We are on the mission to build the UK’s go to destination for all things Marijuana, we want to connect our customers to the best network of growers we have; all through an easy to use website, coupled with great customer service. 

Our deep-web website will be operating shortly for the customers who want an added layer of anonymity. 

Where do we ship to?

We currently only ship to the United Kingdom excluding any Channel Islands. 

How long does it take for my payment to be confirmed/order to be dispatched? 

Our teams operate Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm, we do not operate on Bank Holidays. Our teams will confirm your payment during our operating hours , please allow for up to 24 hours for payment to be received; in some rare cases being longer (your bank may have placed the payment on hold or it being the weekend).

Please be patient while our teams carry out this process, as this can happen throughout the day.

We offer 24 & 48 hour tracked shipping, this starts from when your order is scanned at a Royal Mail facility.

What if I made a mistake with my shipping details? 

It is solely the responsibility of the customer to provide the correct shipping details. If however you have placed an order and have noticed an error – please contact our customer support on our telegram channel at your earliest opportunity to rectify the error. We do not provide refunds in occasions where customers have not provided the correct shipping details. 

When will I get my tracking number?

Customers will be provided a notification through email and text message once their order has been shipped. We encourage customers to be patient and wait 48 hours after this notification, before making any enquiries into the whereabouts of their order.

Customers are also able to check the status of their order via their account.

I have not received my order confirmation email.

Due to the complexity of our technical setup and the content of our website, we sometimes have issues when it comes to mail screening done by providers such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. This may mean that emails from our servers are screened and put into your junk/spam mailboxes automatically. 

If you still can’t find your order confirmation email within your junk/spam, please reach out to our customer services team who will be more than happy assisting your enquiry. 

We suggest that customers create a Dispenseree account and use an alternative mail provider such as Proton Mail; to always be able to track order status, receive notifications and for a level of added privacy. 

Do I need to provide my real details and do you retain this information? 

Dispenseree does not need to know your real name; however the delivery address you provide needs to be one that is accessible by yourself. Our organisation has and never will have an intention of sharing any of our customer details. We hold our servers in a secure location, in a jurisdiction that selling Marijuana is legal both medically and recreationally; this severely limiting the powers of UK law enforcement. 

In the event that our server location or integrity is compromised, we have placed safeguards that will destroy customer data digitally and physically. 

Are Payments with Cryptocurrency safe?

Although transaction history will always remain within the blockchain, it does not contain any personal data. We also frequently change our wallet addresses, so there will be no proof that you bought something from us. Therefore please only make transfers to the wallet address which is listed at checkout; if you are having an issues… please feel free to reach out to our customer services team. 

Are Payments with Bank Transfer safe?

Similar to the blockchain, transaction history will also remain and may contain personal data of yours such as the name of the account you transferred from. However, we frequently change our receiving bank account for our own privacy and the privacy of our customers. 

We recommend that customers pay using cryptocurrency to prevent the exchange of such personal data. However to make the process of buying Marijuana more customer friendly we have designed processors to facilitate; hence the surcharge to facilitate this. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer services team for further clarification on paying by bank transfer. 

I have not received my order?

Dispenseroo has a 99% success rate on delivery, as we take processing and packing our customers orders extremely seriously. However as the UK’s largest dispensary, we understand there might be cases when an error from either our side or with our delivery partners may occur.

If your order has not been scanned into a Royal Mail facility within 48 hours of receiving a shipping notification, please get in touch with customer support to enquire about your order.

However in the case your order has a “delivered” status we will side with our delivery partner and share tracking data to support our delivery partners case, we do not offer reimbursement for orders marked as delivered , it is again solely the responsibility of the customer to provide the correct delivery address.

Do you accept returns or refunds?

Due to the nature of the business and the privacy involved, we currently are unable to accept or process any returns/refunds at this stage.

Receiving your order

We take a great deal in care of packing your order carefully. Before opening your package fully, please double check there are no missing items within your clear vac sealed bag in order to protect yourself and help when claiming.

How do you buy crypto currency?

Please click on the link below to see our detailed guide on how to purchase crypto: 

If you are still having issues, please feel free to contact our customer services team who will be more than happy assisting you with the purchase of cryptocurrency.