The 10/10 Boys Disposable THC Vape (1g)

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The 10/10 Boys Disposable THC Vape (1g/1000mg)

Directions: Make sure you fully charge device before use. Take 3 puffs and wait 20 minutes before determining if you need more. Typical usage is 3-5 puffs.

Ingredients: All natural plant-derived cannabinoids and terpenes.

Free from: Heavy metals, microbial, mycotoxins, pesticides, and solvents. No additives.


Banana Cream OG (Hybrid), Guavalato (Indica), Frosty Zauce (Indica), Cherry Haze (Sativa), El Patron (Sativa), Guava Runtz (Hybrid), Glueberry (Hybrid), Miracle Alien Cookies (Hybrid), Sherbalato (Hybrid)

10 reviews for The 10/10 Boys Disposable THC Vape (1g)

Based on 10 reviews
  1. Craig (verified owner)

    Love these! I was dubious at first because they seemed pretty pricey but it’s strong so you really don’t need much. I’m a regular smoker so have a decent tolerance but just one or two puffs of this is enough for a nice high for a couple of hours. Great for being subtle as there isn’t much of a smell at all and it just looks like a regular vape. I’m planning on using these instead of flower from now on as it’s way easier. 10/10

  2. Dai (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing vape good customer service and delivered promptly thank you guys !!

  3. Norman Rosenberg (verified owner)

    Thanks Dispenseree for sorting me out
    RM messed up my delivery but Dispenseree customer service quickly gave me a refund even though it was not their fault

  4. Krater_17 (verified owner)

    Purchased the Watermelon Zkittles & I’m so happy. The actual watermelon flavor is so nice, refreshing but subtle and well-balanced. Mixes quite well with the vape oil so much that there is almost NO smell at all. Feel like you can easily snatch that in for work & have a few puffs on your break if you’re a tradie or manual labor worker & ur tolerance can take it!

    But man, this thing sure packs a punch! Only wish it wasn’t so expensive so I can afford to buy more in the future.

    Spot on packaging, delivery & comms from the Deliveroo dudes one more time! ❤️

  5. Luka Tim (verified owner)

    These aren’t too shabby at all but unfortunately one of mine came leaking from the bottom seams 🙁 love some disty nonetheless

  6. Darknight

    Watermelon z skittles.. amazing.. 2 pulls and your set.. 1 if your not use to it.. will Defford be buying more in the future..

  7. ceeek6165

    Why do a always feel after ever draw that my lungs are on fire,good and sleek way to get high,but downside is no indicator to say when it’s running running and constantly needs charged space skittles taste was spot 3/5

  8. CaliConnoisseur

    Rainbow belts and mango Haze are 10/10 for sure. 2 puffs and its like I’ve smoked a joint. Even managed to take it on the plane and have a cheeky puff. Just make sure you hold it in and breathe out slowly ?

  9. Patrick (verified owner)

    So pleased with my pineapple zaza vape ill be ordering another one ! I recently quit smoking flower due to health issues, also quit nicotine so can’t smoke joints , and this is perfect! So much healthier , so smooth and clean, couple hits and your as stoned as smoking a J . I can now get perfectly medicated without damaging my lungs . Very Grateful customer thanks again dispenseree you pulled through again !

  10. Ashley Rolinson (verified owner)

    when the first three puffs didnt do anything i was nervous but the 4th poof sent me to mars, very good i got the glueberry. 10 out of 10 this for me ,really amazing

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