Super Silver Haze

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Super Silver Haze is a sativa marijuana strain. It was the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999. Super Silver Haze is made by crossing Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze creates a beautiful, sticky strain that boasts an energetic, long-lasting body high. The uplifting effects are a great for high stress levels or when suffering from a lack of appetite or nausea.

Tasting of spice, skunk, and citrus, Super Silver Haze has a unique flavour profile. Lemon notes are left over after smoking a bowl of flower.

A strain that can make users want to get on their feet, it lacks focus but can be very profound and thought-provoking. Motivating as it can be, Super Silver Haze shifts gears during the second half of its long-lasting high and begins to soothe the body. Users may experience a brightening of colors and a sharpening of sounds.

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For most users, the strain can be effective daytime medication for fatigue, mood disorders, nausea, and migraines. Some users may find the bodily effects heavier than others but it may alleviate chronic aches and pains.

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11 reviews for Super Silver Haze

  1. Bellydave Verified owner

    These guys are the real deal. Went for this strain as cheapest and my first order as probably same for a few wondered if legit or not. Anyway could not be happier!!! Arrived quick and well sealed thanks a million guys ??

  2. Dom Verified owner

    Loved this, really high and lively weed. I suffer with depression and this type of weed is brilliant for it. Brilliant service, awesome weed. Cheers folks you doing great work!

  3. Easy-E Verified owner

    Amazing bit of Dutch stuff. Feel like I’m back in Amsterdam!?? it’s good to see more sativa on the menu. Keep it up ??

  4. Christina Macey Verified owner

    Love this strain, skunky and uplifting great daytime smoke x

  5. Leesha Taylor Verified owner

    Seasoned smoker for over 15yrs and wanted to try a blast from the past. It did not disappoint on effects. It’s a great day time motivational smoke and will pull at your creative side. As a depression sufferer, I also felt this was a great choice as it does not trigger anxiety or paranoia.
    The only downside for me is flavour. I’m a flavour chaser and love fruity, citrusy or lemon dominant strains but I can overlook this for the effects.

    Go ahead and give it a try!

  6. Ziv@gmail

    SSH???? …almost as good as the Amsterdam growz

    Thank God services @Dispenseree has improved multifold…almost there Guys?

    Only reason this is a 4-star is because of the ash ….it was darkish Grey.

    So ?

  7. SteveW Verified owner

    I agree 100% with Christina; great for daytime consumption. And as the Dispenseree point out, it’s a great one for pain relief, you can take early in the morning without being left sitting around uselessly stoned all day when you should be doing stuff.

    Unless you wanna sit around uselessly stoned all day and not do much LOL.

  8. Mj Verified owner

    Oooh this takes me back to a lovely place!!!

  9. Gem Donohue

    Tried this as soon as received it. Used to live in the Netherlands and this takes me back there. Ideal for pain and keeps me going. Thanks guys

  10. tabz Verified owner

    Thanks ? I love your service 🙂 ?

  11. BlazedAF420 Verified owner

    Amazing quality buds, perfectly grown and cured,
    Iconic taste and smell. Lovely energetic high, great for day time, smoke enough it will couch lock u. Fair price for product very happy with purchase.

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